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10 Items to Buy that Actually Save You Money

Over the last few years I’ve realized one big thing that is helping me save money: the cycle of consumption is expensive! After all, your money is a tool intended to make your life better and should be spent on things that align with your priorities! If your priorities don’t involve wasting money and time, then read on, friend! I’ve put together this list of items to buy that actually save you money – buy spending money once instead of getting sucked into the cycle of buying just to use once and toss. These items can save tons of money and time over your lifetime!

So if you’re anything like me, you’re looking for ways to save money. I know I’m always trying to cut back my spending in an effort to manage my money well. Mostly so I can spend money on the things I value most – like vacations! There was a point in my life that I thought cheaper was always better. Until going through they cycle of buying the same things over and over again, I realized there was a better way to buy – a smarter way to spend money. So while some things cost more up front, over the long run you actually save more money.

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Items to buy that actually save you money in the long run

1. Reusable water bottle

Friends, I use mine every. single. day. Seriously! I fill it up anytime I leave the house and throughout the day. I’m not stopping to buy a drink or soda every time I’m thirsty. I know I have my water bottle with me and can fill it up almost anywhere.

Bonus – it’s perfect for traveling, too. Take it with you on long road trips or fill it up after you get through security at the airport.

2. Dryer balls

I’m all about saving money and finding solutions in my every-day life that will save time. I love my dryer balls because they just hang out in the dryer and I’m not messing with finding a dryer sheet clinging with static to a random piece of clothing in the clean laundry.

Bonus: these dryer balls can last years and they’re known to decrease your drying time which means less money spent on running the dryer. I actually feared they’d be loud bouncing around in the dryer but I actually don’t even hear them.

3. Rechargeable batteries

Talk about a life saver, especially if you have kids that go through batteries as fast as Tic Tacs. The rechargeable batteries are more money up front, but let’s face it, disposable batteries really add up when you go through them quickly!

4. Books that teach you to manage your money

Books that help you manage your finances can be extremely helpful in setting you on the right track for budgeting and managing your finances well. You’ll save money by learning how to use your money effectively, like in learning strategies to pay down debt or create a budget.

Kitchen items to buy that actually save you money

Stepping into the kitchen, this is a big area where I’ve found significant savings! I think it’s because so consumables cost so much, especially when there are alternatives that will save money over the long run.

5. Food processor

You won’t even think about buying pre-chopped fruits and veggies after you get one of these. If you really think about why those platters and pre-packaged goods are so pricey, it’s because they have to pay labor to package them up nicely. Instead grab your food processor and chop, dice, slice, blend and mix super fast. This food processing system is definitely an investment, but I use mine almost daily and the blade is still super sharp after years of wear!

I love my Ninja system because I can not only use it to as a food processor, but I also use it to mix batter for foods like pancakes and muffins. I also love the smoothie cups for healthy breakfast smoothies. So now I’m not spending money for breakfast on the go, either!

6. Reusable ziplock bags

Anything that I can buy once that saves money and the environment is a win-win in my book. So when I realized one day that the drawer full of disposable packaging was killing my wallet and the environment, I decided to take action. Enter reusable bags for sandwiches, snacks and more. You can get cute cloth styles and designs for yourself for your kids over on Etsy. Or check out these durable silicone ones, which I like to use in the freezer.

7. Cloth napkins

Another way to save money and help the environment is with reusable napkins! It may sound like Little House on the Prairie to go with fabric napkins, but it’s really not a big deal at all. I hesitated buying reusable napkins for the longest time because I thought it would just add more laundry (who wants to do more laundry??) but honestly they’re so simple I just throw them in with a load and that’s it!

8. Silicone muffin cups

I purchased my silicone muffin cups one day out of desperation, not recognizing their magnificence! Originally I was looking for a solution when I cooked egg frittata and the eggs stuck to the pan. These work beautifully for that, but also for actual muffins! A little spray and cleanup is a breeze. Did I mention you’ll no longer have to stand in the baking isle, wondering which paper muffin wrapper matches the party best? That’s a win, too.

9. Reusable K-cups

This one is a 3-way winner. These reusable K-cups keep the disposables out of the landfills, save you money from buying expensive coffee everyday at a drive through, and are cheaper over the lifetime of your machine!

10. Instant Pot or Crock Pot

Slow cookers and multi-cookers are a simple ways to prepare a healthy dinner for your family, while skipping the drive-through. The nice thing about a Crock Pot is you can buy cheaper cuts of meat because you’ll cook them all day which makes them more tender and flavorful. The Instant Pot does about a bazillion things, so an all-around useful tool to save time and money in the kitchen.

It’s crazy to think of the thousands of dollars over my lifetime I’ve spent on the disposable versions of some of the items above. I’m so glad I found alternatives which are eco-friendly too.

So have you ever tried any of the items above? Which ones will you swap out next to save money on future purchases? Drop a comment below! 🙂

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Renee' Garrison

Wednesday 19th of December 2018

Love this post. Very interesting and great information. I just have to get my husband on board.


Thursday 20th of December 2018

Glad you found the info helpful, Renee'! Good luck with the husband ;)

Tracy Foster

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

So many good ideas. You just reminded me to not forget to buy cloth napkins. This is something we really need in my house. Also, I have an instant pot on my list of wants. I think you just gave me an excuse!!


Wednesday 12th of December 2018

So glad I could help out, Tracy! ;) Grab your instant pot and reusable napkins... you won't regret it! Thanks for stopping by the blog today.


Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Great ideas. I love our Instant Pot. We cook with it all the time. I'm definitely going to try out the reusable zip locks too! Thanks for sharing.


Wednesday 12th of December 2018

You're so welcome, Lara. I love the cloth reusable zip locks for snacks on-the-go, and the silicone versions for the freezer. I hope you enjoy them, too! :)


Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Really great post! We have a ton of water bottles around and use them faithfully. I also love Dave Ramsey - I never thought his books would be my bedtime reading. Cloth napkins hey? I don't usually have a ton of laundry so this might actually make sense for me. I have started using the reusable Kcups simply because when we travel I love to buy coffee and it is never K cups so we have to use the reusable thing. Crock Pots are my golden child - it is usually just me at home but I use it at least once a week if not more. I have the Instant Pot on my Xmas list so I'm excited to give it a try. One thing to add to your list would be the reusable straws. I ordered a 6 pk with cleaner on Amazon and carry a few with me every where I go


Wednesday 12th of December 2018

Hey Nikki - great name! ;) I love your suggestions! You're cracking me up with 'Crock Pots are my golden child' :D I definitely love my reusable straws, too! I haven't taken them out of the house, just usually decline a straw when out and about. Definitely give cloth napkins a try - you'll never look back!

Junell DuBois

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

Great ideas! I've read Dave Ramsey and loved it. Great book for anyone trying to nail down their budget.


Wednesday 12th of December 2018

Thanks Junell. Pretty sure I'm classified as a Dave Ramsey groupie by now. :) Thanks for stopping by the blog today.