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15 Beautiful Waterfalls in Glacier National Park You’ll Want to See

If you’ve seen any photo of Glacier National Park, you know it’s a stunning place with incredible views. And can we even talk about the waterfalls in Glacier National Park? Tall, gushing falls you can walk through, scenic falls from a distance and the best waterfall hikes in the park, this guide is for you!

waterfalls in glacier national park photo of wide water falling off a rocky cliff with trees in background
Gorgeous waterfalls in Glacier NP – see #13 below!😍

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With so many things to do in Glacier National Park, seeing a great waterfall is relatively easy. But if you love waterfalls as much as I do, this guide will help you find all the best ones!

Let’s go chasing waterfalls in Glacier National Park!

waterfalls in glacier national park
The amazing Saint Mary Falls

Map of waterfalls in Glacier National Park

Here’s a quick map of all the best waterfalls in Montana located within the park boundaries.

Glacier National Park: best time to visit to see waterfalls

If you really want to see spectacular waterfalls flowing as the winter snow melts, visit the park in late spring or early summer. The streams and waterfalls will be flowing quickly, bringing life to the alpine region.

However, not all of the park will be open at that time. The National Park Service doesn’t open the Going-to-the-Sun Road until the snow is melted enough to be removed, which is typically in July.

So the most ideal time to visit Glacier National Park is mid to late July and early August. By September, the falls are much gentler and start to dry up for the fall. It’s still a beautiful time to see the park! The waterfalls just won’t be as full as earlier in the season.

bird woman falls glacier national park
View of Bird Woman Falls from over a mile away

Real quick as you plan your waterfall sight seeing, make sure each adult in your party carries bear spray. It’s no joke at Glacier NP, okay?

Okay, let’s dive into the list!

Best waterfalls in Glacier National Park

Eeeek! I’m so excited to share this list with you. Starting off with some of my favorites!

1. Virginia Falls Glacier National Park

Virginia Falls glacier national park
The beautiful Virginia Falls in Glacier National Park

One of the most recognizable waterfalls in Glacier National Park is Virginia Falls. It’s a stunning waterfall that you can walk right up to – if you dare!

It’s a 3.6 mile round trip hike to the falls and moderate intensity. My 4 and 7 year old children made the hike, so it’s not too bad! Once you pass Saint Mary Falls (we’ll get to that one next), you’ll come across a baby version of Virginia Falls.

Keep going on the trail until you get to the parent falls!

lower virginia falls
Lower falls along the Virginia Falls Trail

Once you make it to the falls, be prepared to get wet! The spray creates quite the mist cloud. While at the falls, there’s plenty of spots to rest and relax. Have a seat next to the stream from the falls and wonder at it’s beauty.

One of my family’s favorite parts of Virginia Falls at Glacier National Park was the pool that was created by the falls. We swapped out our hiking shoes for water shoes and splashed around in the refreshing alpine water for the better part of an hour. We had so many comments about how others wished they were able to cool off in the water too!

Recommendations for Virginia Falls:

  • Get a start on the trail early in the morning or later afternoon to avoid crowds.
  • Wear good hiking shoes with traction.
  • Bring lightweight water shoes and plastic bag to wrap them up for the return trip.
  • Carry water and protein snacks for every hiker.
  • Wear eco-friendly sunscreen and sun cover, especially in summer months.
  • Grab your bug spray and bear spray!

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2. Saint Mary Falls

saint mary falls glacier national park
Gorgeous teal water at Saint Mary Falls

Literally on the way to Virginia Falls is Saint Mary Falls. Guys, she’s turquoise and beautiful and everything you’d expect out of a park like Glacier!

One of the best – and easiest – waterfall hikes in Glacier National Park is to Saint Mary Falls. It’s just 2.2 miles round trip, and worth every step.

Saint Mary Falls is the bluest alpine color! The bridge going over the lower part of the falls is a fun spot to take photos or just hang out watching the falls. It’s truly a picturesque setting.

Just a quick note: my family did witness some cliff jumping off the falls from the bridge into the water below. I’m not recommending this craziness!

Recommendations for Saint Mary Falls:

  • Take the path underneath the bridge to see the best views of the falls. You get the sounds of rushing falls and the most beautiful colors here.
  • Most any athletic or hiking shoe will do for this hike. (Although if continuing onto Virginia Falls be sure you have shoes with good traction.)
  • The paths are narrow around the falls so be kind to other hikers, although there’s plenty of room to sit near the base of the falls.
  • Bring water for everyone and wear eco-safe sunscreen.
  • Bug spray and bear spray for this one, too!

3. Waterfall at Lunch Creek

lunch creek waterfall in glacier national park
Lunch Creek Waterfall along the Going-to-the-Sun Road

This was one of my favorite falls that was right along the Going-to-the-Sun Road. It’s one of the first turns on the east side of the Logan Pass Visitor Center. This is one of the best waterfalls in Glacier National Park for those who aren’t planning to hike.

Park alongside the road and take a quick walk along the falls before eating a picnic lunch. Fitting, right?

There’s no real trail to hike along the falls, but the paths just to the right of the falls allow you to walk up and down the area. It’s a great spot for a family photo, too.

Recommendations for Lunch Creek Falls:

  • You’ll have to walk across the road after parking, use extreme caution in this area!
  • Pack your own lunch – there are no services here.
  • Bring bug spray and bear spray.

4. Falls at Avalanche Lake

avalanche lake glacier national park
The picturesque waterfalls at Avalanche Lake

One of the most popular and easy hikes in Glacier National Park is the trail to Avalanche Lake. It’s a 5.9 mile trail, but if taken slow it’s doable for most people in decent shape.

And although you won’t get super close to a waterfall on this hike, you’ll see mother nature’s spectacular display of waterfalls once you make it to Avalanche Lake. You will, however, walk right along a babbling brook that sounds magical and is also beautiful!

The views at Avalanche Lake are absolutely stunning! With a relatively long shoreline, there’s room to spread out from the crowds and soak in the beautiful waterfalls in the distance.

The largest waterfall in the photo above is Monument Falls. At over 1800 feet tall it’s certainly majestic! Avalanche Lake is surrounded by waterfalls is so beautiful and definitely worth the hike.

Depending on how much the snow is melting when you go, you may see more or less waterfalls than these photos. It’s truly the sight to see!

Recommendations for Avalanche Lake:

  • Most people will tell you to get a start on the trail early in the morning or later afternoon to avoid crowds. However, that’s what so many others do. We found the best luck getting there in the early afternoon after the morning hikers had already left. There were plenty of open parking spots.
  • Wear good hiking shoes with traction.
  • Bring lightweight water shoes and a plastic bag to wrap them up for the return trip.
  • Carry water and protein snacks for every hiker.
  • Wear eco-friendly sunscreen and sun cover, especially in summer months.
  • Grab your bug spray and bear spray!

More of the best waterfalls in Glacier National Park

Even though we’ve seen some amazing falls, there’s still so many more to cover. Let’s keep going.

5. Bird Woman Falls Glacier National Park

bird woman falls glacier
Bird Woman Falls from the Lookout along the Going-to-the-Sun Road

Driving the Going-to-the-Sun Road from the west towards Logan Pass, perhaps the most dramatic waterfall on the Crown of the Continent is called Bird Woman Falls.

It’s just west of the Continental Divide and can be seen from over 2 miles away. This impressive waterfall sits just below some of the tallest peaks in the park.

Bird Woman Falls is not a waterfall you can hike to, instead visitors can simply marvel at it from a distance.

Recommendations for Bird Woman Falls:

  • There are multiple scenic overlooks along the Going-to-the-Sun Road where you can see the falls.
  • Driving west to east, the overlook after the West Tunnel is the best overlook. There’s signage there with more info on Bird Woman Falls.

6. Baring Falls Glacier National Park

baring falls glacier national park
Baring Falls in Glacier National Park

This short, easy trek to Baring Falls is one of the most fun waterfalls in Montana! With just .6 miles round trip from the parking lot near Sunrift Gorge, it’s a relatively easy walk for most to get there.

Right at the base of the falls and along the stream are plenty of spots to stop and rest. Or just soak in the beautiful falls.

If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s a small cliff carved out of the rock on the left side of the falls. You can take that all the way to the waterfall.

If you have extra time and you bring water shoes, take the trail just past the waterfall. You’ll get to Saint Mary Lake and can find a spot to set down your stuff, take a seat on a fallen log and soak in these gorgeous sights!

view from the lake with mountains in the distance
View of Saint Mary Lake from Baring Falls Trail

Recommendations for Baring Falls:

  • Go in the early morning to avoid crowds or the heat of the day.
  • Any shoes will work. (For a swim in the alpine lake afterwards, grab your water shoes.)
  • Wear bug spray, sun protectant and bring your bear spray.

Oh, and if you’re doing some hiking in the park and want to see Sun Point, you can actually reach Baring Falls from there. It’s a longer trail (over 2 miles round trip) but the views along the way are beautiful. This is one of my very favorite photos from Glacier National Park, taken on that path:

Saint Mary lake glacier national park
Views of Saint Mary Lake at Glacier National Park

7. Weeping Wall Glacier National Park

weeping wall glacier national park
Weeping Wall in Glacier National Park on a dry day

Another fun waterfall on your way to Logan Pass Visitor Center and the Continental Divide is the roadside waterfall that drenches your car. Created by melting snow on the Garden Wall above, this waterfall is one of the more popular ones to enjoy along the scenic drive.

Reaching over 100′ wide during heavy snow melt, this waterfall runs off the wall, through the specially-designed vents in the road and down the mountainside.

Roll down your windows and put your hand out to feel the falls. Or if you’re driving, surprise those closest to the falls with a cold splash of water!

Recommendations for Weeping Wall Falls:

  • The falls tends to flow heavily in spring and early summer. By August, it’s typically not more than a trickle.
  • Driving from the east to the west will get you closest to the falls (passenger side).
  • Don’t forget to close your sunroof as you drive past the Weeping Wall in Glacier National Park!

8. Sacred Dancing Cascade

sacred dancing cascade glacier national park
Sacred dancing Cascade in Glacier National Park

A small but fun waterfall is the Sacred Dancing Cascade. There’s a pull-off right near the falls, which turns into a trail where you can walk all along the stream.

The Sacred Dancing Cascade is part of the water that feeds Lake McDonald. It’s located just north of Lake McDonald and McDonald Falls overlook. The area is walkable with several viewpoints of the falls and stream that flow to the lake. It’s also one of the easiest trails in the park with scenic views of the stream.

Recommendations for Sacred Dancing Cascade:

  • Lather on the bug spray! My kids named this area of the park mosquito forest!
  • Spend some time exploring the area on foot. There’s plenty to see near the falls and along the stream.
  • The parking area is small so if it’s full be sure to circle back.

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9. Waterfall at Trail of the Cedars

beautiful alpine waterfall in Montana
Waterfall along the Trail of the Cedars

One of the most stunning waterfalls in Glacier National Park is the falls located at the Trail of the Cedars. This gorgeous, mossy waterfall is Mother Nature showing off! It’s a small waterfall and one of the biggest features of the trail.

The Trail of the Cedars actually turns into Avalanche Trail, so if you’re planning to hike to that majestic lake, be sure to catch this waterfall on the way! The Trail of the Cedars is a very flat, accessible boardwalk trail. It’s less than 1 mile round trip so it’s perfect for those who aren’t looking to hike to see beautiful falls!

Recommendations for Trail of the Cedars waterfall:

  • The trail is in a completely wooded area, so lots of bug spray is recommended.
  • Parking can be tricky since the trailhead is also used for the popular Avalanche Lake. Get there by sunrise or try at mid-day when other hikers are leaving.
  • Perfect for kids, seniors or those who need accessible trails.

10. Florence Falls Glacier National Park

Florence Falls glacier national park
The beautiful Florence Falls in Glacier National Park

If you’re looking for an adventure, look to hike to Florence Falls! It’s a 9.5 mile trail and rated as moderate, so it’s definitely for fit people who want to see a beautiful sights in the park. Because the trail is so long, it’s best to plan a day to hike to the falls and back.

One of the most scenic trails on this list, the hike to Florence Falls will take you through heavy forest before opening up to gorgeous, wide-open meadows. Also along the trail is a bonus waterfall – Deadwood Falls. A smaller waterfall, but still a nice ‘extra’ on this beautiful hike!

Once you make it to Florence Falls, soak in the views and sounds – you’ll likely have the place to yourself! This is a great time to enjoy a big snack or a picnic.

Recommendations for Florence Falls:

  • Bug spray, bug spray, bug spray! This trail has a lot of bugs – especially in later summer.
  • Long pants are necessary. Parts of this trail are overgrown and pants will save your legs from scrapes.
  • You’ll need bear spray for this one. It’s more remote with less hikers, so there’s more chance of running into wildlife.
  • Water, snacks, sun cover – you know the drill 🙂

Unnamed Glacier National Park waterfalls

The next few waterfalls don’t necessarily have a specific name, but are fun and impressive to say the least! #leavenowaterfallbehind

11. Going-to-the-Sun Road Waterfalls

A fun experience while driving the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park are the surprise waterfalls you’ll see along the way. Depending on the time of year you go, some can be rushing onto the road, and others a light trickle.

Of course, the NPS has built in vents for the largest falls alongside the road, so you don’t have to worry about getting washed away!

I’ve grouped these all into #11 on this list of the best waterfalls in Glacier National Park, however it’s actually 4 separate falls. 🙂 Keep your eyes peeled for these fun waterfalls (and possibly more) in Glacier NP!

12. West Tunnel Waterfall

One of the most surprising waterfalls is right next to the West Tunnel on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. It surprised us the first time we drove through the tunnel by ‘raining’ on our car.

The tunnel itself is really cool – you can walk through multiple parts to lookout points. It’s especially fun for kids. Just make sure to use caution as the tunnel sidewalk is narrow. Walk across the road and grab a photo by the waterfall, too!

Best waterfalls in Montana – more on the eastern side of the park

These next few waterfalls are beautiful and worth seeing if you make it over to Many Glacier or Two Medicine areas of the park. I don’t have personal experience with them so I’ll make it brief!

Many Glacier and Two Medicine are less crowded areas of the park. So if you’re looking to get away and submerge yourself into nature with less people, these waterfalls might just be perfect for you!

Remember to carry bear spray, pack bug spray and sun cover, take water and snacks with you too.

13. Redrock Falls Glacier NP

redrock falls glacier
The stunning Redrock Falls, Glacier National Park

Located in the Many Glacier area of the park, this easy, flat trail to Redrock Falls is great for families or beginner hikers. It’s just over 3.5 miles round trip, but on relatively flat terrain it’s doable for most. The falls and trail are great for seeing wildlife, too!

Redrock Falls in Glacier sits right near the lake, so you can easily spend an afternoon enjoying the trails, waterfall and lake. Pack a picnic and enjoy your time in the mountains!

14. Running Eagle Falls

running eagle falls
Running Eagle Falls in Glacier National Park. Photo credit: Unsplash

The Running Eagle Falls located near the East Glacier entrance in the Two Medicine area is an impressive display of Mother Nature’s work! This waterfall is often called ‘Trick Falls’ because the water can fall from 2 spots!

When the snow melt is at its heaviest, water appears to be falling from the top of the rocky ledge. However if it’s closer to the dry season in the park, the water flows from the center of the rock wall. So cool.

This fun, easy hike is great for families or those looking for light activity. At just .6 miles round trip, it’s a fun add-on to other activities in this area of the park.

15. Twin Falls Glacier National Park

twin falls glacier national park
Twin in Falls Glacier National Park. Photo credit: Shutterstock

In the Two Medicine area of the park is the beautiful Twin Falls. The hike to get there is just a little over 2 miles round trip and is good for seeing wildflowers, wildlife and of course, the falls!

Twin Falls trail leads to Two Medicine Lake, which is gorgeous and a star of the southeast portion of the park! You’ll need to ride the boat across Two Medicine lake, otherwise it will add 5 miles to your hike.

Get there early to secure a spot on the boat!

Best waterfalls in Glacier National Park – a recap!

virginia falls
The majestic Virginia Falls

Whew! Are you ready to grab your camera and bear spray and check out these falls?

Whether you’re seeing the park through hiking or you’re planning to check out roadside waterfalls in Glacier National Park, there’s so many to choose from!

Let’s recap this list in a more condensed fashion…

Waterfalls in Montana – best of Glacier National Park

  1. Virginia Falls
  2. Saint Mary Falls
  3. Waterfall at Lunch Creek
  4. Falls at Avalanche Lake
  5. Bird Woman Falls
  6. Baring Falls
  7. Weeping Wall
  8. Sacred Dancing Cascade
  9. Waterfall at Trail of the Cedars
  10. Florence Falls
  11. Going-to-the-Sun Road Waterfalls
  12. West Tunnel Waterfall
  13. Redrock Falls
  14. Running Eagle Falls
  15. Twin Falls

I hope you have a fabulous time in Glacier National Park, chasing those waterfalls!

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15 gorgeous waterfalls glacier national park


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