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Ultimate Guide to 30A Florida Beaches: Swoon-worthy Spots You’ll Love

If you’re dreaming about an amazing sun-soaked vacation, Florida’s scenic Highway 30A has some of the best sandy shores you could ask for! So, grab your beach gear and let’s dive into the must-visit 30A Florida beaches, each with its own unique charm and fun!

30a Florida beaches view of blue and teal water with blue beach umbrellas lining the waters edge
Stunning beaches along 30A Florida 😍

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If you’re not familiar, 30A is a scenic highway that snakes along Florida’s Gulf Coast, connecting a string of charming communities between Destin and Panama City. Known for it’s stunning emerald waters and sugar-white sands, this stretch along the Gulf Coast is truly gorgeous.

This travel guide is a list of the beaches along 30A – not the beach communities! It’s a bit confusing but I’ll provide plenty of info as we go.🩵

Head’s up: not all 30A beaches are public (use this guide to see which to visit)

white sand meets teal water best of 30a Florida
Seriously such gorgeous beaches in this part of Florida!

So I hate to tell ya, but this area of Florida is a mix of residential and boutique resorts….and some public beaches sprinkled in between. Unlike other areas of Florida like Siesta Key or Anna Maria Island with large amounts of beach space, that’s not the case in 30A.

While other online guides will tell you all about the charming communities that make up this area, this guide specifically covers the best 30A Florida beaches that you can actually visit. At the end, there’s a few to highlight that actually don’t have easy public access. Boo.

Here’s the communities that make up 30A, from west to east:

  • Dune Allen
  • Santa Rosa & Gulf Place
  • Blue Mountain Beach
  • Grayton Beach
  • Watercolor
  • Seaside
  • Seagrove
  • Watersound
  • Seacres & Alys Beach
  • Rosemary Beach
  • Inlet Beach

Many of beaches in 30A have private beach access through a condo or resort community. So when you’re booking your 30A accommodations, keep that in mind!

30A beaches map

These are the best beaches in 30A to visit if you’re looking for public beach access.

Note: you may see additional beach access on a map, but they’re simple walking paths. Some have bike parking but most have absolutely no parking, as everything near it is residential and there’s no parking signs all over. With zero street parking, I highly recommend to just use the beaches listed on this map and the descriptions below.

Best 30A Beaches with easy public access

Let’s dive into the list of these amazing beaches along 30A! Each of the beaches on this list have public access with parking so you can enjoy the sand and water!

1. Grayton Beach

blue and teal water with white sand and empty beach
Grayson Beach, Florida

💦Amenities: restaurants across the street

There are so many things to do in Grayson Beach, it’s easy to see why this part of 30A is popular. With the nearby Grayton Beach State Park, there’s hiking trails, lake activities like kayaking or paddleboarding, not to mention shopping and eating at some of the 30A best restaurants!

The downtown area is really cute, and it’s right next to the beach too. With indoor and outdoor entertainment for all ages, it’s a great spot in 30A to spend the day.

oversized yard games in downtown Grayton Beach
Outdoor games in the downtown area of Grayton Beach

Anyway, this beach is a unique one on this list because there’s literally only 5 parking spots. However, it has a free shuttle that runs from a much larger parking lot in town and it’s super convenient! The Grayton Beach shuttle runs from 6:00am – 10:00pm year-round, every 10 minutes.

Grayton Beach along 30A is a long, deep beach with plenty of space to spread out, which absolutely is not the case in many beaches along 30A!

By the way, when you arrive you might see people parked on the beach. It’s actually a lottery system for local residents, so don’t try to take your car on the sand!

2. Seagrove (Santa Clara Regional Beach Access)

sand dunes with ADA accessible walkway to beach with white sand blue water and two beach umbrellas in distance
Aerial view of 30A Florida Beach – Santa Clara Regional Beach Access

💦Amenities: rinse station, restrooms, water bottle refill station, ADA accessible

Seagrove is in the heart of 30A and it’s home to a spectacular beach! Located between Rosemary Beach and Seaside, this is a quiet area with mostly privately-owned homes and rental properties.

I personally loved the easy access to the beach at the Santa Clara Regional Beach Access. There’s also a secondary access about one minute to the west at San Juan Beach Access. There are less parking spots there and less amenities, so I recommend Santa Clara parking lot if it’s available.

Note: there are technically other beach access points in the area for walk-up traffic, like Holly, Scenic 395, Nightcap, Live Oak, and more. While you may be able to get to the beach from these spots, there’s zero parking, not even for bicycles, and the sand next to the walkway may be privately owned.

3. Inlet Beach (Access #B)

30a Florida beaches view of Inlet Beach with emerald colored water bright white sand and large houses along shoreline
Inlet Beach along 30A Florida

💦Amenities: rinse station, restrooms, water bottle refill station, life guard stand

Located on the very east side of the scenic 30A route is Inlet Beach. It’s near Rosemary Beach but there are no public beaches to lounge on at Rosemary Beach so Inlet Beach is the nearest if you’re staying there.

There’s plentiful parking and amenities at Inlet Beach Access #B. This is one of the wider beaches on this list, making it easy to spread out and enjoy some space.

Of course like any place in Florida, to ensure you have a parking spot go there early on weekends or during peak travel times like the busy summer months.

Note: a few other direct paths are located on Google Maps, like Inlet Beach Regional Access, Phillips Inlet Beach, Lupine Beach Access, which are available, but there’s no real parking lots or street parking, with lots of signs saying no parking, no trespassing, etc.

4. Blue Mountain Beach (Gulfview Heights Beach Access)

blue sky teal water white sand best 30a beaches with people sitting on beach and houses in distance
More stunning white sand at Blue Mountain Beach along 30a Florida

💦Amenities: rinse station, restrooms, water bottle refill station, chair/umbrella (service seasonally at Gulfview Heights)

Don’t let the name fool you – there are no mountains here, but Blue Mountain Beach is the highest elevation along the 30A coast, thus the name. Located between Dune Allen and Grayson Beach, this spot attracts a quieter crowd and is great for those looking to escape the more populated areas.

There are two beaches in this area which makes getting to and enjoying this beach quite easy. Blue Mountain Beach Public Access has 10-15 parking spots plus golf cart parking and a few street parking spots. However, the beach is smaller than most and the beaches in either direction seem private where you can’t put up seats or umbrella or anything.

Just down the road is Gulfview Heights Beach Access which has much more parking, including some side street parking. Here you’ll find restrooms, rinse station, water bottle refill – even abundant picnic tables!

I highly recommend Blue Mountain Beach for lesser crowds and easy beach access along 30A!

5. Santa Rosa Beach (Ed Walline Regional Beach Access)

boardwalk with tower and yellow beach flag with people on white sand beach blue water on the best 30a beaches
Boardwalk at Ed Walline Regional Beach Access

💦Amenities: rinse station, restrooms, water bottle refill station, chair/umbrella, ADA accessible and restaurants across the street

Situated between Blue Mountain Beach and Dune Allen, this fun beach spot is one of my favorite beaches on 30A!

With one of the largest beach parking lots along 30A, it has a good amount of parking, and some street parking nearby too. This is also one of the best ADA accessible beaches with a ramp and roll out walkway.

At the entrance, there’s a lookout tower which is fun for kids or families, too. The picnic tables are an added bonus.

Across the street from the parking lot, you’ll find several restaurants and shops, making this a super convenient place to spend the day, and it certainly makes for one of the absolute best beaches in 30A Florida!

6. Seagrove (Walton Dunes Beach Access)

teal water with white sand beach and large houses along coastline 30a florida beaches
More stunning views of 30A Beaches: Walton Dunes Beach

💦Amenities: none

Located near Seagrove, this area is a bit more sleepy than the ‘downtown’ spots of Seaside, Rosemary or even Grayson Beach.

Look to Walton Dunes Beach at Seagrove for a peaceful retreat, in the heart of 30A. It really is a community where most people are rolling around in golf carts or bikes, Walton Dunes Beach Access is a little unique to get to. The beach is large and easy enough to find.

Parking for Walton Dunes Beach Access is about 150 yards away from the beach entrance. It’s a decent size parking lot for the area, but will most certainly fill up on weekends or during the busy summer months. Get there early to find your spot!

7. Dune Allen Beach

blue and teal ocean water with aerial view of beach coastline
Dune Allen Beach😍

💦Amenities: rinse station, restrooms and water bottle refill station

Did I save the best for last? You be the judge! I personally love Dune Allen Beach for its slow pace. There are restaurants and amenities nearby, but it doesn’t feel too crowded like other areas of 30A.

There’s actually multiple access points for Dune Allen Beach, which is one of the reasons it’s so great. If you’re tired of the crowds closer to Rosemary Beach or Seaside, try Dune Allen for the afternoon!

Honestly, Dune Allen is a large, underrated beach along 30A. It’s the furthest community on the west end, and it’s so worth the visit to this charming little area!

Beaches NOT to visit unless you have private beach access

Okay so as charming as these next communities are, the public beaches are challenging.

The water’s edge is technically public to walk on, but many coastal property owners have no trespassing signs up. Meaning you can walk the beach but you cannot set chairs, towels or beach gear on the sand and enjoy the water.


lush tropical foliage with beach with blue umbrellas and blue water and sky in distance seaside florida
The beach at Seaside Florida

While Seaside Florida may look like a picture-perfect postcard town, it’s awesome for restaurants and shopping. However, there’s literally zero public beach access points in Seaside with any type of parking nearby.

If you’re renting a condo in the town and can walk to Seaside, you can access the beach. Keep in mind that even if there’s a walking access point, there may not be a public beach where you can actually sit down on either side of that access point.

I even asked some locals and they said the beaches in Seaside were converted to hotel or privately-owned access.

The photo above was taken from a pergola on the town square. Such a truly gorgeous place; it’s such a shame it’s not really available for the public to enjoy. Also note: parking is challenging in downtown seaside. Go early or prepare to make some laps around town.

You can find public beach access with parking a few miles east of Seaside, at San Juan Beach Access, right next to Santa Clara Regional Access, which is #2 above on this list.

Rosemary Beach

black and white building with bikes in front of it
Charming Rosemary Beach Florida

While visiting Rosemary Beach is like stepping into a small European town with its beautiful architecture and cobblestone streets, beach access is extremely limited.

In fact, you may see Rosemary Beach with access on Google Maps. And it’s there – however, it’s only for the private community and hotel so you actually have to have a key fob to access the beach.

If you’re staying in Rosemary Beach, make sure that your accommodations have direct beach access or within walking distance to your hotel or condo. Alternatively, Inlet Beach Access #B is the closest beach with parking and amenities, which is close by!

Alys Beach/Seacrest

emerald colored water waves crashing into white sand from above
Gorgeous beach waves from above with my drone (not at Aly’s Beach since it’s private access only)

Alys Beach sets the bar high for luxury living and vacationing on the Scenic Highway 30A. In fact, I found the community almost fake-looking with its perfectly white buildings and minimal natural elements.

This is another community where you’ll need key fob access for the beach, which is of course available through hotel accommodations or private communities.

Just to note: There are lots of signs posted about not taking photos of the building exteriors for any public use like social media. The residents and business owners wish to keep their property private – which is totally their right! Just keep this in mind if you end up visiting Alys Beach.

What to pack for these incredible beaches

Before wrapping up this guide, here are a few packing recommendations for a vacation to 30A and these gorgeous beaches. These items will help your trip go smoothly!

  • Reef safe sunblock – protect those ocean creatures while you enjoy the water!
  • Dry bag. Keep your phone or other electronics dry while you’re on the beach! I have this dry bag in orange.

Best 30A beaches in Florida – a recap

30a Florida beaches Seagrove beach with two blue umbrellas perched on sand along coast
Another view of the beach at Seagrove😍

These beaches truly are beautiful. And from these drone photos, you can tell why this is part of the area that makes up the Emerald Coast!

While there are so many charming coastal towns and communities along scenic 30A, I found visiting and public beaches quite challenging. I hope this travel guide is helpful for you as you plan your trip to this fun area of Florida!

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