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Level8 Luggage Review: Honest Opinion (Why I’m Obsessed)

It’s one of the most crucial things that literally travels the globe with us on our travels, yet somehow I had my old suitcase for over a decade. I recently tested out Level8 Luggage and I’m super excited to share my very honest opinion with you.

There’s so many choices on the market, I totally get that it can take a while to make a decision. Hopefully this Level8 luggage review helps that decision go quicker!

level8 luggage review view of two suitcases standing on bricks with plants behind
Level8 luggage in Hawaii

This post may contain affiliate links. For more info, see my disclosures.
I was compensated for this honest review of Level8 luggage, and all opinions are my own.

Just before I dive in, I gotta tell you back in my 20’s I didn’t give too much thought about a suitcase. Yet, after taking my old suitcase to the best beaches in Thailand, island-hopping in Greece, all over the Caribbean, and so many more destinations, I started to realize that it was time for a suitcase that functions better and will last.

So when Level 8 reached out to see if I wanted to review two suitcases, I happily agreed. It was seriously time for an upgrade – and upgrade it truly is!

Let’s dive in.

Who is Level8?

A brand born in New York City, Level8 is taking the travel industry by storm. Level8 luggage combines durability, functionality, and style. They use high quality hardshell material and incredibly smooth wheels to make it seem like your suitcase is floating along in the airport and to and from your hotel or VRBO.

By the way, if you’re in the market for a new suitcase, use code SSST!

Level8 luggage options

light green suitcase sitting on floor in front of airport chairs
Carryon (Voyager) during a layover

Before I get too far into the details, I wanted to share which suitcases you’ll see in these photos, and which ones I took to Kauai, Hawaii with me.

The carry-on size is the Voyageur 20″ in celadon (shades of green). My checked luggage piece is the Luminous Textured 24″ in navy.

Of course, they have many more options on their site, including 3-piece sets or hardshell luggage designed with laptop pockets.


These are the features I think are really important, and some of the factors in my overall review:

  • Durability
  • Weight, size and capacity
  • Wheels
  • Compartments and organizers
  • Expandability
  • Security
  • Price
  • Warrantee or guarantee

I’ll share how the Level8 pieces performed with each feature during my and my husband’s trip to Hawaii.

suitcase packed with packing cubes hats and a few other items
Compression straps are super helpful with this luggage!


Honestly, I was totally team soft-side suitcase for decades. Literally, it’s all my family owned. But a few years ago we bought our kids hardshell suitcases for the holidays, and they’ve traveled with them quite a few times.

So, when I realized Level8 specialized in hardshell, I was immediately sold because I wanted to try them for my carryon and checked bags. Their high quality hardshell material is light and strong with anti-scratch surfaces.

Officially, I’m a hardshell convert.

These suitcases offer a balance between lightweight design and sturdy construction. This material is known for its resistance to harsh travel conditions and impacts, ensuring that my belongings are protected during travel. For me, a durable suitcase can withstand lots of travel experiences, from rough handling by airline staff to being stacked under other heavy luggage.

And to be honest, the quality just exudes luxury. The matte finish helps to hide scratches and scuffs, which are inevitable during travel. The sleek, minimalist design looks modern and the colors are fresh and unique. Goodbye traditional black suitcases!

Weight, size and capacity

level8 luggage review view of open suitcase with organized interior
Interior of the 20″ Voyager

The 20″ Voyager is honestly a fantastic size. I actually think this is going to be the suitcase that gets pulled out to pack regardless of whether or not I’m going on a solo trip, with my husband or even a family adventure.

It’s marketed as a 20” carry-on, but overall the dimensions are 21.3” height, 15.1” wide and 9.8” deep. It weights 8.1 pounds by itself and has the capacity for 43 liters.

It’s a comfortable size for a carry-on, and I’d have no problems taking it on an international trip, either.

The 24″ Luminous Textured suitcase is only 4 inches larger in height, but it’s really much bigger and holds a ton more! The overall size is 26″ height (after wheels), and 17.5” width and 10.4” deep. I really thought it would be heavier since it’s larger, but it’s only 9.8 pounds. And the best part is that it holds a whopping 65 liters.

This is a great size for taking a lot of clothes or extra items. When I considered what to pack for Hawaii, snorkeling gear, hiking poles, and even a collapsible cooler made it into that thing! It was so fabulous to be able to bring more items that made my trip more convenient.

When choosing a suitcase size, consider the typical duration of your trips, the nature of the items you carry, and the specific airline restrictions you’ll encounter.

A well-chosen suitcase size can greatly enhance your travel experience through functionality. Level8’s range of carry-on suitcases are just that, but also add in stylish exterior.

I’m typically toting around a carry-on, although it’s honestly so nice to have options!

Level8 wheels – incredibly smooth!

set of green and blue suitcases on floor of airport near baggage claim level8 luggage review
Freshly arrived Level8 luggage in Hawaii and in great shape!

Okay, so I mentioned earlier I bought my kids hardshell suitcases for Christmas. And I didn’t know there was a big difference in how luggage with 4 wheels operated until I received the Level8 luggage.

The 360° Spinner Wheels are nothing short of spectacular.

The wheels do smoothly turn and roll 360 degrees, allowing for excellent maneuverability. This means you can easily push or pull the suitcase alongside you in any direction—forward, backward, or sideways—making navigating through crowded airports and the like even more convenient.

Since I tested out the 20 inch Voyager and the 24 inch Luminous Textured pieces, I checked the larger bag and carried on the smaller luggage. So I’ve been able to test the wheels on smooth and rough textures, and honestly, I didn’t even get concerned once that the wheels would get stuck somewhere.

On my way back home from Hawaii, I had really loaded the checked bag down. I included snorkeling gear, hiking poles, clothes, jackets, shoes, souvenirs and more. The bag weighed in at 42 pounds and I didn’t struggle with the wheels once!

Interior = organization

white packing cubes with suitcase open level 8 suitcases
Luminous Textured 24″ packed and ready to go!

Okay, so my husband and I are typically team carry-on. I traveled through 3 weeks in Greece with a carryon and a backpack, so I really have packing down to a science. And I tend to carry a decent amount of camera equipment, including one (or sometimes more) travel drones.

Anyway, I’ve been hesitant over the years to figure out how I’d organize the interior of a hardshell since it essentially has two cavities instead of one larger space.

But the Level8 suitcase includes a well-thought-out interior that maximizes space and organization. The compartments on the two suitcases I tested are designed with organization in mind, featuring separators and pockets that helped to keep my stuff organized and accessible.

Compression straps were a bonus, especially for the checked bag on the side I didn’t use packing cubes. By the way, these are my favorite packing cubes ever, and they actually expand and compress extremely well!

Overall, I found the interior easy to pack and easy to grab the items I needed quickly once I was in the hotel and house I rented in Kauai.

Wide, telescopic handle (one of my favorite features of the Level8 Suitcase)

green suitcase sitting on airport floor
Love this wide handle!

The Voyager collection is genius for their telescoping handle. Of course, you’d expect a nice handle from a luggage company that exudes luxury. However, the bonus to this collection is the extra-wide handle.

I loooove this feature because not only is it super comfortable to wheel around, it also makes packing a breeze! The wide handle means the interior components aren’t in the way. No more strategically placing shoes around bars in the bottom of a suitcase. Win!!

Since this is a Level8 honest review, I do wish the Luminous Textured 24″ had that feature. I’ve been spoiled!


This is one area of the Level8 luggage review that I’ll say was disappointing. Neither the Luminous Textured 24″ nor the 20″ Voyager was expandable. Coming from a soft suitcase for the past two decades, I’ve been able to not only expand the suitcases, but also use the flexibility of the fabric to add more volume when necessary.

So, if you’re looking for a hardshell that expands this isn’t it. However, I found that both the luggage pieces I traveled with had more space than my husband and I needed, so this wasn’t an issue.

TSA lock system

I found the security of the suitcase to be very calming, actually. And honestly, I’ve been living under a rock because until I got the Level8 set, I didn’t even know you could actually lock a suitcase and TSA could unlock it without you there. 🤦‍♀️

Now that I’m living in this century, I loved the fact that I could lock up my belongings.

How it works: the integrated TSA-approved lock systems come on the suitcase, with a generic code. There’s a quick set of instructions to change the code to what’s convenient for you. This feature allows you to secure your luggage while also ensuring that TSA agents can inspect the luggage without damaging the lock.

While I don’t think you should ever check a bag that has sentimental items in it, I can see where this could come in handy.

I especially love the idea that you can leave your luggage locked up with the concierge or front desk of the hotel and lock it – just in case.

top of blue suitcase with handles zipper and lock
TSA approved locks!


Level8 suitcases seem to be positioned in the mid to high range of the market in terms of price. For budget-conscious travelers, the cost might be a significant factor.

While I do believe the quality and features justify the price for people who travel a lot, those who travel infrequently might find it hard to invest in a more expensive suitcase.

Level8 warranty

Since I’ve had my cheap soft shell suitcases for such a long time and they’ve lasted, I wanted to make sure the hardshell brand I use will also last a long time. Plus, the first time I traveled to Jamaica with friends, their hardshell suitcase cracked on the way there and was virtually unusable. I’ve just heard so many stories over the years!

Anyway, I can’t speak for all the Level8 pieces specifically, but it seems like it would be the same. And of course, you’ll want to read the fine print for yourself.

The Level8 limited lifetime warranty basically covers manufacturer defects in material or workmanship, the item will either be fixed or replaced. The warranty does not cover misuse or normal wear and tear.

Useful accessories for Level8 luggage

Upgrading your luggage doesn’t stop at your suitcase. Since travel is quite literally my job, I’ve come to find some pretty great accessories over the years. Here are a few of my favorites…

  • Packing cubes: previously mentioned, these can further organize the space inside your suitcase, making packing and unpacking simpler, not to mention saving A TON of space!
  • GPS luggage tracker: I use AirTags for all my luggage and even include them in my camera cases. My husband and kids do too, when they travel with me! Don’t forget the AirTag case to easily clip them onto your luggage.
  • Motion sickness watch: okay, this is just a great travel item, not necessarily for your luggage! I’ve had such amazing success using this motion sickness band. I don’t have any side effects like I did with over-the-counter medication, and it’s paid for itself over and over again.

After travel photos

I would be remiss if I didn’t address how the luggage performed during my inaugural trip!

The checked bag came home with some scuff marks. I know the exterior is scratch resistant, and I definitely wouldn’t call them scratches. But scuffs are a thing. I did notice that some of the lighter ones came off with a wet wipe, but the ones more set in didn’t fade.

But honestly, you have to look really close to even see them! Regardless of whether you have a hardshell or soft shell suitcase, they’re going to get beat up when you check a bag. I know my old soft shells had scratches on them too!

The carryon luggage had zero issues with scratches and scuff marks.

As for performance overall, I truly am so happy with them. The wheels glide through the airport, on city streets and over airport tram doors and escalators. I’ll be curious to try them on cobblestone streets, but do think they’d perform better than other brands, and especially better than anything else I own.

Level8 luggage honest review – that’s a wrap!

blue and green suitcase with flowers in the distance
Seriously how cute are these? Style AND function!

I did promise an honest review, and I meant it! As much as I travel, I’m so excited to be able to grab my Level8 luggage out of my storage each time I pack up for an adventure! It’s already my favorite, and now I just have to decide where to donate my old luggage to!

As for you and your decision – I hope this review was helpful to you! Definitely each product and company has pros and cons, and I hope this review has helped you come to a decision.

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