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28 Absolute Best Beaches in Thailand (Amazing Spots You Need to See)

With stunning coastlines, vibrant azure water and spectacular sand, there’s a perfect beach waiting for you in Thailand! Whether you seek ultimate relaxation, thrilling water sports, vibrant beach parties, or simply a tranquil escape from the bustling city life, this is a list of the absolute best beaches in Thailand!

best beaches in Thailand aerial view of Long Beach tan sand and boats with teal water
Best beaches in Thailand (see #11 below) 😍

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Thailand is home to more beaches than you’ll ever have time to explore. With its stunning coastline stretching along the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, this Southeast Asian gem is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world!

From the famous Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands to James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay and so many more, there’s so much to see in Thailand!

This list will help you plan your perfect Thailand beach vacation! In this list you’ll find….

✅ Famous Thailand Beaches
✅ Most beautiful beaches in Thailand
✅ Underrated Thai beaches

And so much more!

Before we get into the best Thailand beaches list, check out this video for some beautiful inspiration. You’ll be planning your Thailand beach vacation in no time!

Map of Thailand beaches

Use this map to make planning your dream Thailand vacation seamless! Trust me, you’ll never want to leave!

Whether you have time to just explore one region in Thailand or can hit several of the beaches on this list, this visual will help you make sense of the list below. 🙂

Oh, and because I haven’t been everywhere in Thailand (yet), I’ve asked some of my fellow travel writers to help compile this list. Enjoy!

Thai beaches packing list

If you’re still considering what to pack, you’ll really just need beach attire and gear for visiting Thailand islands and beaches. Also consider activities and tours you’ll do.

Here are some items that will help your trip go more smoothly and comfortably.

  • Reef-safe sunscreen. The chemicals in traditional sunscreens are killing our reef. I saw proof of it while snorkeling in Thailand. At the most popular spots, the coral is bleaching; meanwhile the lesser-known snorkeling areas, the coral is vibrant. Always, always, always wear mineral sunscreen when swimming in the ocean.
  • Dry bag. You’ll probably want keep some things dry during your time at the beach. I have a larger and smaller dry bag that I travel with, depending on the situation. Keep your phone, back-up battery, wallet and more dry while you’re on a speedboat, long tail boat or at the beach.
  • Towel with hidden zipper pocket. This is an essential travel accessory and goes with me on every trip! Store your keys, cash or phone in a zipper pocket which is well out of sight while you’re swimming! 
  • Underwater GoPro. This underwater camera will be one of your favorite ways to capture amazing vacation footage! Go snorkeling and see the amazing underwater world for years to come! This is the GoPro I used in Thailand, and many other destinations for that matter.
  • Water shoes. Most of the beaches in the Phi Phi Islands Thailand have beautifully soft sand. However, those sea urchins don’t mess around! Get a sturdy pair of water shoes and you’ll be able to double them up for hiking, too.
  • Rash guard and beach hat. Protect your skin from sunburn and look cute in Thailand. Long sleeve rash guards are so cute these days. Plus protect your face with a sun hat.
  • Cash! It’s one of the most important things on a Thailand packing list! You’ll want some cash for tipping (10% on tours is customary), taxi’s, attractions and even some restaurants.

Best beaches in Thailand

It’s time! While you read through this amazing list, picture yourself feeling completely relaxed while soaking up the sunshine and admiring the crystal blue waters.

If you want to really immerse yourself in the Thailand beach vibe, go ahead and make yourself a tropical drink while you dream about a future beach vacation 🙂

Are you ready? Here’s the ultimate list of the best beaches in Thailand!

1. Princess Beach, Similan Islands (one of the very best Thailand beaches)

thailand beaches and island view of white sand teal water island coast and boats
Stunning Princess Beach, Similan Islands
  • Nearest airport: Phuket International Airport
  • Best time of year to visit: mid-October through mid-May (dry season)
  • Cost: $100-$120 USD (includes park and beach access plus lunch and snorkeling)
  • Amenities: restaurants, gift and snack shop, bathrooms

Starting this list off with a bang! One of the absolute best beaches in Thailand is located north of Phuket, near Khao Lak, Phang Nga, Thailand. A quick boat ride will take you to one of the most underrated island chains in all of Thailand – the Similan Islands National Park.

Located on Koh Miang, island 4 in the chain is the impeccably beautiful Princess Beach. This ultra-white sand is soft as flour and practically perfect. While the Similan Islands Thailand are home to amazing beaches for lounging, swimming and snorkeling, Princess Beach is my personal favorite!

To get to the Similan Islands National Park, you’ll need to take a tour from Phuket or from Khao Lak. It’s about 45 minutes to an hour from Khao Lak, and more like 1.5 hours drive frrom Phuket to Khao Lak, then the boat trip.

Book your tour in advance so you get the day you want! Also be sure to bring a dry bag, mineral sunscreen for swimming and snorkeling, GoPro for underwater photos and the other items on the packing list up above.

The Similan Islands tour will take you to other islands and snorkeling spots as well, and each has their own unique attributes. It’s a fantastic adventure in Southern Thailand, and visiting the one of the best beaches in Thailand on the Similan Islands, it’s a day you won’t soon forget!

Recommended by me – Nikki of She Saves She Travels

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    2. Silver Beach (sometimes referred to as Crystal Beach)

    palm tree large rocks and huts alongside beach in Andaman Sea
    Silver Beach, Koh Samui
    • Nearest airport: fly to Bangkok International Airport first and then take a 65 minutes flight to Koh Samui’s main airport Samui International Airport (USM)
    • Best time of year to visit: The dry season is the best time to visit – December to May
    • Cost: Free 
    • Amenities: Restaurants, massages

    If you’re all about chilling out and enjoying one of the best things to do in Koh Samui, then you absolutely have to check out Silver Beach in Koh Samui. It’s pure paradise! This beach stretches for 273 yards and is simply jaw-dropping, with stunning rocks framing its edges.

    Its tranquil, shallow waters are incredibly peaceful, making it a perfect spot for snorkeling. The water is so incredibly clear that even while swimming, you can catch a glimpse of the vibrant marine life swimming beneath the surface like the yellow-tail barracuda!

    Silver Beach seafront does not have all the modern conveniences and amenities. However, the sheer natural beauty and the marine life more than makeup for it. You can also treat yourself to a beach massage for just $8.23 (300 THB) or you can rent a kayak for some adventure and exciting family fun.

    Side note: there are so many massage parlors throughout Thailand, that you’ll be able to find one at most places on this list! Gettin a massage (almost) on demand is one of the many things to know before traveling to Thailand.

    There are no sun loungers here, so bring along a comfy beach towel. If you want to snag a spot under the shade of the lush trees, be sure to arrive early during peak season as it tends to get quite busy.

    For the best place to eat, head to a gem called Silver Spoon. It’s located just a short walk through the resort to the main road. The delicious and reasonably priced food here totally makes up for the fact that it’s not right on the beach.

    Keep in mind that the beach here has little pebbles that can be a bit rough on your feet so bring along some water shoes for this beach. 

    So, pack your bags, grab the sunscreen, book your room at the Silver Beach Resort for the best stay, and prepare for an unforgettable time at Silver Beach. This beautiful beach in Thailand is a slice of paradise that will leave you in awe.

    Recommended by Jolene of Wanderlust Storytellers

    3. Bamboo Island (also known as Koh Mai Phai)

    beautiful beaches in Thailand view of white sand rocky beach with teal water on cloudy day
    Beautiful shoreline at Bamboo Island
    • Nearest airport: Phuket International Airport
    • Best time of year to visit: Nov – April
    • Cost: 400 THB / $12 USD
    • Amenities: Restrooms & small restaurant

    Bamboo Island is a beautiful and underrated island in southern Thailand with white sand and turquoise water. However, it’s a bit overshadowed by the world famous Phi Phi islands (and Maya Bay) since Bamboo Island is located very close to Phi Phi.

    Also known as Koh Mai Phai, this island is a great place to relax and go for a swim after visiting the Phi Phi islands. The only way to visit is by booking a tour from Phuket or Krabi, or chartering a boat from Phi Phi Don island, but it’s a pretty easy trip to get there.

    Bamboo Island is actually considered part of the same Thai national park as Maya Bay, so you do have to pay a park fee to land on the island, but it’s worth it. The whole island is like one big, beautiful beach! There are trees in the middle if you need shade, but the rest of the island is mostly sand.

    Plenty of tours go to Bamboo Island, but it’s never as crowded as Maya Bay, and almost the entire perimeter of the island has soft white sand and relatively calm water. If you go for a walk, it’s usually easy to find an unspoiled part of the island with no people!

    Bamboo Island is a must-see on this list of Thailand beaches!

    Recommended by David & Intan of The World Travel Guy

    4. Million Beach (a diver’s paradise)

    palm trees on coastline white sand and clear water
    Bright, white sandy beaches on Koh Kood
    • Nearest Airport: Bangkok (DMK or BKK)
    • Best Time of Year to Visit:  November to February
    • Cost:  Free to Access
    • Amenities: Restaurant & Bar, nearby scuba & snorkel

    Million Beach is more of a local’s secret than a beach that everyone heads to on Koh Kood. You will love the quietness and the breathtaking sunsets. It’s truly one of the most beautiful Thai beaches.

    There are several places to stay here, the S Beach Resort is the closest to the beach and the moderately priced Chor Chaba is less than a 5-minute walk to the beach.

    Million Beach on Koh Kood is free to access and there are no restrictions on bringing your own food and drinks. However, the Million Beach Bar & Restaurant is great for snacks and drinks if you do not pack your own. Their swings, bean bags, and tables are super comfortable and the sundowner cocktails are well-priced too! 

    One of the top things to do in Koh Kood is to go diving as the marine park here is glorious. The rental shop, Paradise Divers, is located right here near Million Beach. There’s some shored-based diving available and they’ll also rent you snorkel gear if you’re not comfortable scuba diving yet.

    Million Beach on Koh Kood is rarely crowded and is great for families. The gently shelving beach here means you have lots of space and not a lot of deep water. With restaurants behind the beach, it’s a great place to spend your time on Koh Kood.  

    Koh Kood is a popular island with many weekend visitors traveling from Bangkok to Koh Kood, but only during the peak season (November to February), in the off-season, there’s limited transport (buses + ferries) to get here. Be sure to plan your route accordingly!

    Recommended by Sarah of A Social Nomad

    5. Maya Bay (one of the most famous Thailand beaches)

    beautiful view of Maya Bay Phi Phi Islands rock on white sand beach with teal water and limestone cove
    Stunning Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi 😍
    • Nearest airport: Krabi or Phuket
    • Best time of year to visit: November – May
    • Cost: 200 Baht per person
    • Amenities: National park gift shop, snack shop, restrooms

    Alright so if you’ve seen any beaches in Thailand, you likely have seen photos of Maya Bay. It’s a truly stunning beach in the Phi Phi Islands archipelago. Made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie, The Beach, in 2000.

    Located on Phi Phi Leh, which is a short 15-minute long tail boat ride from the main island in the chain, Phi Phi Don. You’ll need to hire a driver for the day, or take an organized tour to get to Maya Bay.

    Maya Bay can be done as a day trip from Phuket or Krabi as well, but to fully experience these amazing islands I recommend staying at least 2 nights on Phi Phi Don. That will give you the chance to check out all the best things to do in the Phi Phi Islands, including visiting Maya Bay!

    Maya Bay is situated in the Phi Phi Islands National Park, and is heavily protected these days from over-tourism. You’ll pay a fee to enter the park, and the park service is doing it’s best to restore nature after decades of harsh tourism, so there’s no swimming or snorkeling in Maya Bay.

    It’s definitely worth the visit to see this incredible beach; it’s definitely worthy of a spot on this list of best Thailand beaches! Walk to the end of the beach to find a bit more seclusion from the crowds. With such a popular spot, expect it to be busy!

    Recommended by me – Nikki of She Saves She Travels

    6. James Bond Island (a quintessential Thailand beach to visit)

    phang nga bay thailand view of limestone cliffs and ocean
    Stunning James Bond Island, Phang Nga Bay, Thailand
    • Nearest airport: Phuket International Airport
    • Best time of year to visit: Between November and February
    • Cost: Ao Phang Nga National Park entrance fee is 300 THB / $9 USD, and a tour from Phuket costs 2,100 THB / $60 USD
    • Amenities: There are restrooms, also on the speedboat

    When visiting Phuket, James Bond Island deserves a spot in your itinerary. This Thailand beach offers a blend of natural beauty and cinematic allure.

    As you set foot on James Bond Island, you will see its iconic limestone karsts rising from the emerald waters. These rock formations were made famous in the James Bond movie, “The Man with the Golden Gun”

    Keep in mind that you cannot swim on James Bond Island. You’ll also find stalls selling souvenirs, so you can bring home a memento of your visit. After exploring the island, you will have the opportunity to visit the Monkey Cave and the Muslim floating village of Koh Panyee.

    In close proximity to Phuket, James Bond Island is easily accessible for day trips. The peak tourist season from November to February offers the best weather with sunny days and temperatures ranging from 73 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

    This is also the busiest period, especially around New Year’s. To avoid the crowds, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons.

    This tour from Phuket offers a boat trip to James Bond Island, Monkey Cave, and Panyee Island.

    For a comfortable stay, consider Centara Grand Beach Resort in Phuket. The resort boasts two outdoor swimming pools, a spa and wellness center, and for those traveling with kids a kids club.

    Preserve the beauty of James Bond Island by taking only photographs and leaving only footprints. Enjoy your adventure at one of the best beaches in Thailand!

    Recommended by Jo of World Wild Schooling

    Thailand best beaches continued…

    Can you believe this list?! And we’re just getting started on these amazing Thai beaches! So many amazing spots left on this list. Let’s keep going!

    7. Long Beach, Koh Lanta (also known as Pra-Ae Beach)

    most beautiful beaches in thailand aerial view of Long Beach with tan sand trees and teal water with land in distance
    Beautiful beaches in Thailand: Long Beach, Koh Lanta
    • Nearest airport: Krabi International Airport
    • Best time of year to visit: November to March
    • Cost: free to enter
    • Amenities: Many hotels, restaurants, and parking spots along the 5 km

    Long Beach at Koh Lanta (also known as Pra-Ae Beach) is one of the most popular beaches on this pretty island. It stretches 5 km along the refreshing forest of pine trees. Though not very crowded, December and January get a lot of visitors.

    Located about 5 km from Saladan village and the ferry port, it’s very easy to reach. The nearest airport is at Krabi Island and you can take a bus to Koh Lanta from here. Long Beach lies parallel to the main road of Koh Lanta, where you can see many backpackers’ hostels.

    There are also plenty of options for cheap restaurants nearby. Enjoying a fresh fruit drink is possible from the several stands nearby.

    What makes this beach fabulous are lovely sunsets and cute hotels around. The fantastic choice for your cozy stay is Ser-En-Dip-I-Ty, which is a mid-range hotel. Layana hides at the southern corners as one of the most luxurious hotels.

    The turquoise colors are so inviting at this amazing beach. Weather is the warmest from November to March, which is the high season. The water is perfectly warm and during the night you can enjoy fire performances. Being so wide, Long Beach offers the perfect place to relax and have some solitude. 

    Recommended by Gabi of Under Flowery Sky

    8. Kahung Beach, Coral Island (one of the most underrated Thailand beaches)

    view of white beach teal water orange umbrellas
    • Nearest airport: Phuket International Airport
    • Best time of year to visit: November – April
    • Cost: tours to the island cost around $40USD / 1400 BHT
    • Amenities: restaurant and bar, lounge chairs, kayak and paddle board rentals, restrooms

    One of the best day trips from Phuket you can take is to Coral Island. It’s home to Kahung Beach, one of the most amazing Thailand beaches!

    Located about a 20 minute speedboat ride from the Chalong Pier in Phuket, you’ll need to book a day tour to visit this stunning beach. You can do 1/2 day tours or full day tours. I’d recommend a full day tour to relax and soak in the sights!

    The shoulder season is the best time to visit Kahung Beach, and Phuket in general. November and April you’ll typically see less crowds and experience this busy area in Thailand with more freedom to move around!

    While you’re at Kahung Beach, Coral Island Phuket, be sure to take the kayaks or paddle boards out. Or take the snorkel gear and see what kinds of fish are nearby!

    Kahung Beach is a very picturesque place too. The bar, swings, seating arrangements and signage is the perfect spot to grab a social media pic or video.

    When visiting Phuket, don’t miss one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand – Kahung Beach at Coral Island!

    Recommended by me – Nikki of She Saves She Travels

    9. Buffalo Bay (also known as Ao Khao Kwai Beach)

    rocky shoreline with beach in distance blue water green shoreline
    Best Thailand beaches: Buffalo Bay, Koh Phayam
    • Nearest airport: Phuket International Airport
    • Best time of year to visit: November – April (Dry Season
    • Cost: Free
    • Amenities: Hotels, Restaurants, Bars

    Nestled on the island of Koh Phayam lies Buffalo Bay, or as the locals call it, Ao Khao Kwai Beach – one of Thailand’s best-kept beach secrets. Dubbed as “Hippie Island,” the entire isle remains unexplored by mass tourism.

    With its crescent-shaped shoreline and clear turquoise waters, Buffalo Bay’s calm seas are perfect for lazy beach days swimming and snorkeling around. Those seeking shelter from the heat can find refuge under its tree-lined shores.

    Two must-visit spots on this beach are Hin Talu and the Hippy Bar. Hin Talu is a rock arch formation that extends out over the waters of southern Buffalo Bay. Peer through the series of rock windows, the perfect setting for photography shots.

    Then get out of the sun chilling at Hippy Bar, a giant wooden boat structure crafted into a maze of lounge seating. Walk along boardwalks and find hidden cabins at this open-air bar, accompanied by reggae music and welcoming vibes.

    To reach Buffalo Bay, take a flight or bus to Ranong City. From Ranong, catch a speedboat or ferry to Koh Phayam, which takes approximately 1.5-2 hours. Once on the island, rent a scooter or hire a motorbike taxi to get to Buffalo Bay. No tour is required to visit the beach.

    Buffalo Bay is relatively quiet compared to other popular Thai beaches. Plan a trip between November and April to experience warm, sunny weather with few downpours.

    Visitors should note that Koh Phayam has only recently been connected to the power grid. As such, it is still prone to frequent power outages.

    The Rabbit Bungalow is a cozy stay nearby after a day enjoying one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand!

    Recommended by Catherine of Nomadicated

    10. Ta Yai Beach, Koh Larn (one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand)

    best thailand beaches teal water rocky shore with sand and green hillside on coast
    Stunning Thailand beaches in Koh Larn😍
    • Nearest Airport: Pattaya the U- Tapao. Bangkok is only a short 2-hour drive away and many people fly into Bangkok and then take a bus, taxi or private transfer to Pattaya.
    • Best time of year to visit: December to February, when the weather is warm and dry. It is also very nice through April, just a bit hotter.  
    • Cost of beaches in Koh Larn: All of the beaches in Koh Larn are free to enter. Renting a beach chair will cost 50-100 Baht ($2-4) per chair. This fee also includes a water bottle and an umbrella. 
    • Amenities: Beachfront restaurant & chairs to rent

    One of the most amazing beaches in Thailand is on the small island of Koh Larn. To best way to get to Koh Larn is by ferry boat from Pattaya. Head to the Bali Hai pier, and jump one of the hourly ferries to Pattaya. The boat ride will cost 30 baht ($1) cash and takes about 45 minutes. 

    There are 6 different beaches to visit in total, but the prettiest is Ta Yai Beach. Spending your day here is like being on the perfect tropical postcard.

    Park in the big parking lot in front of Ta Yai Beach, and head down the flowered-lined staircase to your newly found paradise. The crystal clear water is shallow and perfect for swimming. 

    Most people who head to Koh Larn skip this beach for the bigger ones on the island. This means there are fewer crowds, more space to relax, and no beach vendors selling you things.

    If you head to the back section of the beach you will find plenty of space to relax under the shade trees. There is also a beachfront restaurant with rental chairs. Or grab a few cold drinks to enjoy on your own. 

    When you arrive on Koh Larn you have two options to get around the island. Rent a motorbike for around 300 baht ($9 USD) when you get off the ferry, or jump on one of the baht buses around town. The island itself is only a few miles big, so you will have no problem finding your way around. 

    One of the best hotels to stay in on Koh Larn is the C Villa on the Beach. This beautiful seaside hotel is just a few steps away from the gorgeous sandy shore. They offer 5 different types of rooms and free sun loungers. 

    Recommended by Abbey of Trips on Abbey Road

    11. Long Beach, Phi Phi Islands (an absolute gem on this list of best beaches in Thailand)

    Thailand beaches longtail boats on beach with sand and teal water looking down
    Long tails on Long Beach, Phi Phi Islands😍
    • Nearest airport: Krabi or Phuket
    • Best time of year to visit: November through April
    • Cost: free
    • Amenities: hotels, restaurants, restrooms

    One of the absolute beautiful beaches in Thailand is Long Beach on Phi Phi Don. This underrated beach in Thailand is off the beaten path.

    It’s away from the Ao Ton Sai Pier, which is the main departure point for most island visitors. From there, you have to get a water taxi (around $6 USD or 200 BHT) to Long Beach or walk 30+ minutes along the coast to arrive at this beautiful beach.

    Once there, you’ll be greeted with soft sand and beautiful teal water. Water shoes aren’t necessary for swimming and enjoying this beach, although you’ll find some spots with coral.

    Most of the beach is clear and available for public access. There are hotels with lounge chairs reserved for hotel guests, so be sure to bring your beach towel and sun hat to fully enjoy this beach if you’re not staying in a water-front property.

    Right off the east end of Long Beach is the famous shark point. It’s basically a large rocky coral spot where Black Tip Reef Sharks are commonly sighted. If you’re interested, rent some snorkeling gear and swim out there in the morning or evening when sharks are most active.

    The Phi Phi Islands are a really busy place, made famous by Maya Bay decades ago. There’s so many things to do in the Phi Phi Islands, and you’ll find some reprieve from the crowds in Long Beach – one of the best Thai beaches!

    Recommended by me – Nikki of She Saves She Travels

    12. Bottle Beach (another underrated favorite beaches of Thailand)

    white sand beach teal water and palm tree lined shore
    Bottle Beach, Koh Phangan
    • Nearest airport: Koh Samui
    • Best time of year to visit: December to March
    • Cost: free
    • Amenities: one small Thai restaurant

    Nestled away from the crowds in Koh Phangan is Bottle Beach, a truly hidden gem! While the island is known for its full moon parties, Koh Phangan has another side, which is often missed by travelers. 

    Bottle Beach is the most beautiful beach in Koh Phangan – but it’s not an easy task to get there. There are a number of ways to get to Bottle Beach and each comes with a challenge.

    You can hike, bike, or boat to Bottle Beach. If you’re traveling to Thailand with kids, the best is to catch a local with a boat from Chaloklum (just make sure to arrange a pick-up time).

    On the beach itself, there isn’t a whole lot to do besides enjoy the beauty for what it is: clear water, white sand, and laid-back vibes. Due to the difficulties for tourists getting here, you’ll also have a quiet beach (sometimes to yourself). 

    If you’re feeling extra adventurous, there is a nearby hike that overlooks Bottle Beach. Again, this hike is difficult to find and not recommended if you have kids. But if you can, it is well worth it for the view at the top.

    Bottle Beach is one of the most beautiful and underrated Thai beaches, and worthy of the adventure getting there!

    Recommended by Jase of Roaming Vegans

    Best beaches in Phuket

    Whether you’re looking for a party beach or to escape the crowds of Phuket, you have so many options on this huge island! Phuket is a busy place but the list of best beaches in Phuket will help you find one that’s perfect for your next getaway!

    13. Kata Beach (a favorite on this list of best beaches in Thailand)

    tan sand teal water and lush hillside with hotel in distance
    Kata Beach, Phuket
    • Nearest airport: Phuket International Airport (HKT)
    • Best time of year to visit: November to February (days are mostly sunny and dry)
    • Cost: Kata Beach is free to access
    • Amenities: Plenty of parking for cars and motorbikes, many restaurants and bars on the beach and close by with toilet facilities

    Kata Beach is located in the southern part of Phuket Island and is one of the beaches of Thailand worth visiting. It is approximately 47 kilometres from the airport and is best reached by taxi (most expensive but quick and convenient), shared mini-bus (cheap but long) or the Phuket Smart Bus (best value).

    Kata Beach is split in two by a rocky headland: Hat Kata Yai (Big Kata Beach) and Hat Kata Noi (Small Kata Beach).

    Both beaches are safe for swimming, however, take notice of the flags and notices put up by surf lifesavers to let you know if it is not safe to swim. On the right hand side of Hat Kata Yai there is a coral reef that goes out to Ko Pu (Crab Island) and this is a great spot for snorkelling.

    The Kata area is home to the world-renowned Club Med Resort, so you will find it to be a little more upmarket than the neighbouring town of Karon. 

    In the centre of Kata, just a 3 minute walk from Kata beach, you will find lots of shops directed at tourists such as tailors, massage shops / spas, restaurants and bars. The restaurants offer a range of dishes from Thai to more western food options and are reasonably priced, although be prepared to pay a little more than in Karon or Patong.

    Kata’s beautiful beaches, surrounded by green hills, is a major drawcard and as such, it appeals to travellers of all kinds.

    However, if you’re looking for things to do in Kata other than spending time on the beach, you can visit the Kata Night Markets or book one of the many tours on offer to Phang Nga Bay, or a Phuket Island tour to see sights such as the Big Buddha and Old Phuket Town.

    Recommended by Peta of Exit45 Travels

    14. Mai Khao Beach (another underrated spot and best beaches in Thailand)

    tan sand with blue water and island in distance
    Mai Khao Beach, Phuket
    • Nearest Airport: Phuket International Airport
    • Best time of year to visit: November-February
    • Cost: 200 THB (Sirinat National Park fee)
    • Amenities: A few luxury hotels

    Located 34 km from Phuket town, Mai Khao Beach, is an amazing spot to escape from the typically overcrowded tourist beaches in Phuket. With 11 kilometers of pristine white sand and crystal clear waters, it’s a secluded paradise in the middle of Sirinat National Park.

    Here you’ll find no beach chairs, umbrellas, or food vendors; instead, travelers can walk for hours without encountering anything more than a few local fishermen. And the few luxury hotels keep a respectful distance from the beach and don’t ruin its natural beauty.

    Like other places on the Andaman Coast of Thailand, the best time to visit Mai Khao is between November and February, when you’ll find a calm sea, nice weather, and good swimming conditions.

    Mai Khao is just a 12-minute drive from Phuket Airport, which is the only airport on the island. The beach is located right underneath the airport’s landing route and it’s a pretty impressive sight to see a plane with its wheels down just a few meters above the beach.

    To visit the Sirinat National Park, you’ll have to pay a 200 THB entry fee, but access to Mai Khao Beach is free. It’s not necessary to book a tour, you can just drive there or opt for a taxi or Grab. Don’t count on public transportation though.

    Stay at the JW Marriott Hotel Mai Khao for a luxurious resort away from the crowds – it’s a great resort in Phuket for families and couples alike.

    Don’t miss out on visiting the local Marine Turtle Foundation that’s located inside the hotel itself. If you’re there during Songkran, you’ll even get to see baby turtles released.

    Recommended by Barbara of Mums on Flipflops

    15. Koh Khai Nok, the Khai Islands (a dreamy set of beaches in Thailand)

    aerial view of bright blue water and beach along coast in Andaman Sea
    Best Thai beaches: Koh Khai Nook, Khai Islands, Thailand
    • Nearest airport: Phuket International Airport (HKT)
    • Best time of year to visit: November to February, but pretty good all year around since the islands are pretty well protected
    • Cost: 850-5000 THB/ $25-$150 USD(850-5000 Thai Bhat) per person, depending on the tour
    • Amenities: Souvenir shops, ice cream shops, restaurants, bars, deck chairs, umbrellas, toilets and beautiful sunsets

    The Khai Islands, located in the Andaman Sea, are a collection of three islands located only 15 minutes away from the Boat Lagoon Marina.

    These islands are named Koh Khai Nai, Koh Khai Nui, and Koh Khai Nok. The highlight of two of the islands (Koh Khai Nai and Koh Khai Nok) is their amazing white sandy beaches, including deck chairs and umbrellas with crystal clear water. 

    These beautiful Thailand beaches are perfect for families who want to snorkel right from the beach and do not want to travel far from Phuket. Additionally, hundreds of friendly and colorful fish can be seen swimming around you in ankle-deep water.

    To reach Khai Islands, one can take a boat tour or charter which costs between $25-150 US Dollars (850-5000 Thai Bhat) per person, depending on the type of boat, size of the group, and type of tour. It is also possible to stop at Khai Islands with tours to or from Phi Phi Islands or James Bond Island.

    The Khai Islands offer something for everyone – whether you’re looking for adventure or want to find a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you’re a beach lover, an adventure enthusiast, or just looking to relax in the sun, these tiny islands are the perfect place to visit and catch a stunning sunset!

    Recommended by Melodie of Travel Must Do’s

    16. Kamala Beach

    Thai beaches view of clear water and cove of trees and rocks on slightly cloudy day
    Kamala Beach, Phuket
    • Nearest airport: Phuket International Airport
    • Best time of year to visit: December through April
    • Cost: 100 THB/ $2.9 USD for sunbeds, no fee otherwise
    • Amenities: Restaurants, bars, parking, market, water activities

    Located on the western coast of Phuket, Kamala Beach is a picture-perfect destination with plenty of reasons why it’s worth a visit. Everything from the stunning shoreline and waters to its calm yet entertaining atmosphere gives every person something to offer. 

    Kamala Beach is perfect for exciting water activities during a beach getaway. Visitors can do numerous activities, such as riding jet skis or snorkeling, to explore the unique marine life. 

    In addition, Kamala has a serene and gorgeous atmosphere. It’s lined with beautiful coconut trees and has soft sand and clear water. Given that, it’s almost the textbook definition of a paradise!

    If you’re looking for a great beach club during your time in Thailand, Kamala is the place to be! Cafe Del Mar is rated as one of the best beach clubs in Phuket, offering delicious food, drinks, and musical entertainment.

    Regarding reaching the beach, if you’re coming from another area in Phuket, there are multiple ways to get there. While there are taxis and rental car options, the least expensive way will be taking a Songthaew bus. The bus fares will cost you 15-50 THB (.43-1.44 USD), depending on where you come from.

    Thanks to Kamala’s pristine location, it’s in several popular towns in Phuket, including Old Town Phuket and the rowdy Patong. So, whether you’re looking for a more historical or nightlife-centric day trip option, Kamala’s location makes it very easy.

    As for accommodation, Layalina Hotel is among the best in Kamala Beach. In addition to its beachfront located property, this hotel provides guests with a swimming pool, breakfast, and transfers from Phuket International Airport.

    Kamala Beach is by far one of the best Thailand beaches, and in Phuket as well!

    Recommended by Tamara Williams of My Elated Odyssey

    Best beaches in Krabi

    Krabi has some of the most picturesque landscapes in all of Thailand. Known for its limestone karsts that jut from the ocean or alongside a beach, these only add to the area’s natural beauty. Enjoy this brief list of the best beaches in Krabi!

    17. Railay Beach (one of the most famous Thailand beaches!)

    famous thailand beaches view of karsts alongside beach with teal water in Krabi Thailand
    Railay Beach, Krabi😍
    • Nearest airport: Krabi International Airport
    • Best time of year to visit: November to March
    • Cost: free
    • Amenities: restaurants, beach club at hotels

    It’s one of the most famous Thailand beaches: Railay Beach in the southwest of Thailand is the exact place you think about when someone talks about tropical beaches. It has hot blue water, soft white sand, palm trees, and green majestic cliffs surrounding it.

    You can easily spend a full day there, sunbathing, swimming, picnicking and just admiring the wonders of nature. It’s the perfect place to relax and recharge batteries. 

    There are a few restaurants, bars around, where you can have a drink or snack after a great beach day.

    To reach Railay Beach from Krabi, a tourist hot-spot, you first have to get to Ao Nang Beach. You can either take a taxi or a bus from the airport (only 150 BTH / $4 USD). From this beach, there are 20-minute long-tail boats to Railay Bay West. 

    Railay Beach is famous and picturesque but not as crowded as the east islands of Thailand, such as the incredible island of Koh Tao.

    If you want to spend several days in the area of Railay Beach, which we highly recommend, you can stay at Railay Phutawan Resort. It has easy access to the beach and offers stunning rooms.

    Recommended by Soline of On The Road Diary

    18. Klong Muang Beach

    tan sand blue water and restaurant tables along beach in thailand
    Klong Muang Beach
    • Nearest airport: Krabi International Airport
    • Best time of year to visit: November-May
    • Cost: 1000 – 2000 THB / $30-60 USD per person (including hotel & food)
    • Amenities: restrooms, beachfront restaurants, tour operators

    Located in the Krabi province of Thailand, the beautiful Klong Muang Beach is a breathtaking coastal paradise and for sure one of the best beaches in Thailand. With its velvety soft sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, and stunning views of the offshore limestone cliffs, this beach offers a truly picturesque and tranquil setting off the typical tourist path!

    At nearly 2 kilometers long, Klong Muang Beach offers plenty of space to relax and unwind. The beach is never crowded, even in high season, and is always pleasantly quiet.

    There are no noisy water sports like jet skiing, but a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. However, for the more adventurous, there are a number of exciting excursions available from Klong Muang Beach to the surrounding islands. There you can also snorkel and experience the underwater world of Krabi.

    In addition to its natural beauty, Klong Muang Beach is also known for its luxurious resorts and first-class amenities. The beach is considered one of the best places to stay in Krabi.

    The area boasts numerous first-class hotels and resorts catering to the needs of discerning travelers. One of the best is the Dusit Thani Beach Resort. It has a prime location on Klong Muang Beach and boasts a great location, swimming pools, and delicious breakfast.

    Recommended by Martina of Places of Juma

    19. Coconut Beach (a hidden gem Thailand beach)

    best thailand beaches view of sandy beach with palm trees
    Coconut Beach, Ko Pu
    • Nearest airport: Krabi International Airport
    • Best time of the year to visit: November to April
    • Cost: free
    • Amenities: none

    In the Andaman Sea, you’ll find this small palm-fringed beach, Coconut Beach, on Ko Pu Island. It’s unknown to most tourists, just like the island of Ko Pu itself, and that’s what makes this beach particularly interesting. It’s great how you can still find untouched beaches like this in the touristy south of Thailand!

    Koh Pu is the upper part of Koh Jum Island and is located a 45-minute boat ride from Krabi. Most people flock to nearby Koh Lipe and Koh Lanta, but they couldn’t be more wrong. At Ko Pu, you can still experience local and authentic Thai life. The relaxed pace of the island is a welcome change from all the crowds on the tourist trail.

    To get to Ko Pu you first need to take a longtail boat from Leam Kruat Pier near Krabi to Koh Jum. From Koh Jum, you can take a taxi to Ko Pu, which is the northern part of the island.

    At Ko Pu, you can opt to stay at Kuboa Beach where you can find cheap and mid-range accommodation like the fabulous Bonhomie Beach Cottages. From there, it’s a leisurely 25-minute walk to Coconut Beach. If you want to stay closer to Coconut Beach, the only place to stay is the rather expensive Mupa Resort.

    Coconut Beach is a lovely place to spend the day if you love solitude and serenity. Do keep in mind that there are no amenities whatsoever so bring enough water and snacks!

    Recommended by Annelies of Travelers & Dreamers

    Best beaches Koh Tao

    Koh Tao is one of the most popular islands in all of Thailand, and for good reason! This beachy spot is away from the crowded areas of Phuket and Krabi, and has so much to offer visitors. It’s spectacular for snorkeling and diving, too. Let’s get to this list of best beaches in Koh Tao!

    20. Ao Hin Wong Bay (another favorite for most beautiful beaches in Thailand)

    best beaches in Thailand aerial view of rocky beach with palm trees and lounge chairs
    Beaches of Thailand: Ao Hin Wong Bay
    • Nearest Airport: Samui Airport, Koh Samui
    • Best time of year to visit: December to February
    • Cost: free
    • Amenities: 1 restaurant with restrooms and showers, ample scooter parking

    Ao Hin Wong Bay is a picturesque and secluded beach on the east side of Koh Tao. With crystal clear waters and stunning natural scenery, the bay offers a serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation and unwinding.

    One of the main attractions of Ao Hin Wong Bay is the incredible marine life that can be found here. The bay is teeming with tropical fish and colorful corals, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling.

    You can’t rent snorkeling gear on the beach though, so make sure to bring your own or rent some in one of the many shops around the island.

    There is one small bar on the beach called Secret Paradise Bar, which adds to the charm of the beach. The bar offers cold drinks, good Thai food, and seats with umbrellas on the beach. It’s a convenient spot to enjoy refreshments (a fresh coconut maybe?) while taking in the beautiful scenery.

    While the beach can get busy during the day, it’s nice and quiet in the morning and quiets down again around sunset, providing a peaceful spot to watch the sunset.

    The bay is easily accessible by motorbike or taxi, but please do be cautious when driving on the island’s narrow and winding roads. While people often wonder if Thailand is safe, it’s actually mostly motorbike accidents by inexperienced tourists that cause problems.

    So drive safe and enjoy the most beautiful beaches in Thailand!

    Recommended by Sanne of Spend Life Traveling

    21. Nangyuan Island Beach (a kayaker’s paradise)

    famous thailand beaches small beach between two karsts with teal water and lush vegetation
    Thailand best beaches: Nangyuan Island Beach
    • Nearest Airport: Koh Samui International Airport (USM) in Koh Samui or Chumphon International Airport (CJM) in Tambon Chum Kho.
    • Best Time of Year to Visit: February – April, during whale shark season. The best time of day to visit Nangyuan Island Beach is very early in the morning before the tour groups arrive on the island.
    • Cost: 250 THB (7 USD) for the entrance fee, plus an additional 6-10 USD to get to the island by longtail boat, paddleboard or kayak.
    • Amenities: There is a restaurant on the island that provides a place to grab drinks and food for highly-inflated prices. You’re able to use the restaurant’s bathrooms if you make a purchase. 

    If you venture out a mere 500 meters off the northwestern end of Koh Tao, you’ll reach a stunning Thai paradise that looks like it crawled straight out of a magazine.

    Whether you’re in it for the kayaking trip, the white-sand beaches, the viewpoints, or all of the above, one thing’s for sure – one dip in the sparkling turquoise waters of Nangyuan Island Beach will have you canceling your ticket home.

    Nang Yuan Island actually consists of three smaller islets linked together by white sand beaches. The island is privately owned by a resort – the Nangyuan Island Dive Resort. Visitors are held to a set of strict rules if they want to cross these sparkling waters off their bucket list.

    The rules include absolutely no plastic bottles, water shoes, or flippers; no flying drones and the island closes at 5:00 PM for anyone not staying at the dive resort.

    The best way to get to Nang Yuan Island Beach is by renting kayaks or stand-up paddle boards and leisurely enjoying the scenery on the way over. If you’re not prepared for a 45-minute kayak trip, visitors can also hire a longtail boat from Sairee Beach.

    After you’ve gotten your fill of Nanyuan’s stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, consider taking the short, 10-minute hike uphill to the Nang Yuan Viewpoint (pictured above). Although you’ll definitely need some bug spray for the mosquitos on the way up, your hard work will be instantly rewarded with 360-degree views of the three islets, their connecting sand bar, and Koh Tao.

    This is one of the best beaches in Thailand, and one full of adventure you’ll love! 

    Recommended by Madison of Madisons Footsteps

    22. Sairee Beach (one of the best beaches in Thailand)

    blue sky blue water with sandy shoreline
    Sairee Beach, Koh Tao
    • Nearest airport: Koh Samui airport
    • Best time of year to visit: February-April
    • Cost: 825 baht/$24
    • Amenities: Bars, restaurants and accommodation

    Without a doubt one of the best Thailand beaches you’ll visit in your lifetime is Sairee Beach! 

    In addition to enjoying the sparkling blue water and lively beach scene, you absolutely have to stay for the sunset as it’s spectacular, to say the least! There’s a variety of accommodations, both hotels and hostels, that provide a beautiful sea view and are perfect for relaxing in the evening on a balcony!

    The beach itself is the most popular in Koh Tao and is where the majority of the population and accommodations are located. As a result, there are tons of great places to eat nearby that you definitely should check out! 

    If you like to party then Sairee Beach is the place for you! After dinner, everyone heads to Fishbowl beach bar for some live music, beer pong, and a little boogie! 

    During the day, the tide comes very far up the beach which makes a perfect habitat for snorkeling. Even if you’re not a confident snorkeler, there’s a lot to see in the shallow waters. If you are more confident, the options are endless!

    The best way of getting to Koh Tao is either by ferry from Ko Samui or Chumpon on the Thai mainland. Similarly, the best place to stay is InTouch Resort which has great facilities, close to town, and easy access to the sea! 

    No matter when you visit, you’ll find excitement at Sairee Beach. It’s definitely one of the most lively Thailand beaches!

    Recommended by Leah of Alex and Leah on Tou

    More of the best beaches in Thailand

    It’s sad to say, but this list is almost complete! The most incredible beaches of Thailand is still going with a few more stunning spots. Let’s round out the list with these amazing beaches!

    23. Sunrise Beach (one of the most famous Thailand beaches)

    beaches of thailand view of framed beach sunrise beach restaurant with boats and ocean in distance
    Picturesque Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe 🤣
    • Nearest Airport: Langkawi International Airport
    • Best time of the year to visit: November – April
    • Cost to Visit: Free
    • Amenities: ample restaurants and beach bars

    Sunrise Beach, located on the idyllic island of Koh Lipe, deserves its place among the best beaches in Thailand. With its glistening white sand, crystalline turquoise waters, thriving coral reefs, and an array of laid-back beach bars and restaurants, it promises a relaxing beach experience away from the typical tourist crowds.

    As Koh Lipe is the southernmost island in Thailand, reaching this island paradise is quickest from the nearby Malaysian island of Langkawi. With an international airport terminal and multiple daily domestic connections from Kuala Lumpur, you can easily get to Langkawi before jumping on a 2-hour ferry to Koh Lipe.

    Alternatively, the nearest international airport in Thailand is Hat Yai. This requires a 2-hour taxi or private transfer to Pak Bara pier, followed by a 1.5-hour speed boat ride to Koh Lipe. Once on the car-free island, getting around is simple on foot or by hopping aboard a local tuk-tuk taxi.

    What sets Sunrise Beach apart is its tranquil seclusion compared to other Thai islands. Koh Lipe, including Sunrise Beach, remains less developed and less crowded, contributing to the island’s laid-back charm.

    To make the most of your visit, plan to visit during the dry season from November to April. This period offers idyllic weather conditions and abundant opportunities for kayaking, snorkeling, and diving right off the beach.

    Sunrise Beach is home to several highly-rated hotels like Ten Moons Resort, just steps away from the sandy shores. You’ll also discover a variety of beach bars and restaurants in which to unwind in this tropical paradise.

    Sunrise Beach is one of Thailand’s best beaches, and worthy of a visit!

    Recommended by Tess of Tessomewhere

    24. Nui Bay

    thailand beaches tan sand blue water and lush coastline
    Nui Bay, Koh Lanta
    • Nearest airport: Krabi Airport
    • Best time of year to visit: December through March
    • Cost: No entrance fee
    • Amenities: One restaurant and massage parlor, only motorbike parking (no car parking)

    Nui Bay on Koh Lanta is a little slice of paradise, and one of the absolute best Thai beaches. If you travel to Thailand between December and March, make sure to hit it up!

    The small beach is located on the southwest of the island and is only accessible by motorbike. However, if you don’t ride a bike, you can also hire a Tuk Tuk to take you to the beach entrance.

    From here, you won’t be able to see the beach just yet. Instead, there’s only a staircase indicating the secluded bay. When walking down, keep in mind, this area is also a popular hang-out spot for monkeys, so keep any food and drinks you carry inside a backpack until you reached the beach below!

    Once you get closer, you’ll see the beach opening up in front of you, with crystal-clear water, white sand, and a few rocks on each side of the bay. Although the beach is quite small, it’s usually very quiet with only a handful of people on the beach. This means you can enjoy the warm water and relax in the sun away from the tourist crowds.

    Plus, if you’re hungry, you can also head to the native beach shack, where you can order a homemade Pad Thai for a reasonable price.

    Doesn’t that sound like a perfect beach day in Thailand?

    Recommended by Lena of Not Another Backpacker

    25. Khao Lak Beach (another favorite on this list of best beaches in Thailand)

    thailand beaches aerial view of beach blue water and resorts
    Best Thai beaches: Khao Lak
    • Nearest airport: Phuket International Airport
    • Best time of year to visit: November – April
    • Cost: free
    • Amenities: hotels, restaurants, restrooms

    Well this list of the most amazing Thailand beaches wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Khao Lak Beach in Phang Nga. Situated just about an hour and a half north of Phuket, Khao Lak, Phang Nga, Thailand is an underrated region that’s waiting to be explored!

    Khao Lak is home to several beaches, but the best is Khao Lak Beach. Situated right on the Andaman Sea, you’ll get that stunning turquoise water and beautiful sand to enjoy.

    If you can, stay at the La Flora Hotel Khao Lak or La Vela Khao Lak. These hotels are located right on the beach and staying there means you’ll get full access to all the amenities, including lounge chairs.

    When you’re visiting the area, be sure to check out the views of this beautiful beach from Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park. Simply stunning!

    Recommended by me – Nikki of She Saves She Travels

    26. Lam Haed Beach

    palm trees on white sand with island in distance on blue sky
    Lam Haed Beach, Koh Yao Yai
    • Nearest airport: Phuket (and then a ferry to Koh Yao Yai)
    • Best time to visit: December to April during the dry season
    • Cost: Free
    • Amenities: A small parking area

    Located in the quiet island of Koh Yao Yai, Lam Haed is one of the most picturesque beaches in
    Thailand. Despite being near to Phuket, the island doesn’t get many visitors. This means your trip to
    Lam Haed Beach is guaranteed to be a peaceful one.

    The stunning beach is lined with palm trees and white sand making it the perfect place to relax.

    You can visit the beach at any time of the day, but the magic happens when its low tide and a sand
    bar stretches out into the distance.
    You can walk down the sand bar for epic views back onto the
    main beach.

    If the tide is low at the right time, it’s one of the best spots to watch sunset on the island. Just be aware that swimming isn’t easy on this beach. Even when the tide is in, the water isn’t very deep and it can be quite rocky. Wear water shoes for this beach!

    Lam Haed Beach is in the North-East of Koh Yao Yai near the boat pier. It’s down a long gravel road.
    Travel options are limited in Koh Yao Yai so you’ll need to hire a scooter or if you’re feeling
    energetic, walk there.

    A good accommodation option on the island is Koh Yao Yai Hillside Resort. It offers affordable villas,
    some with private pools.

    Lam Haed Beach is such a stunning place, and one of the beautiful beaches in Thailand worthy of a visit!

    Recommended by Emily of Journey By Backpack

    27. Thong Nai Pan Beach (one of the best beaches in Koh Phangan)

    blue loungers with bright white beach and palm trees in distance
    Thong Nai Pan Beach
    • Nearest Airport: Koh Samui
    • Best time of year to visit: November and February
    • Cost: free
    • Amenities: Restaurants, resorts and street parking

    For those looking for a quiet beach away from the crowds, then Thong Nai Pan Beach on Koh Phangan is the perfect retreat. It has warm, crystal-clear waters, clean and soft white sand, and is surrounded by the lush jungle of Than Sadet National Park.

    Since it’s protected in a bay, the water is always calm with gentle waves, and the shoreline slopes gradually, making it perfect for families with young kids. There’s also a beach volleyball court, and plenty of shops to buy beach toys such as buckets and spades from Panburi Village, which sits next to the beach.

    The best time to visit Thong Nai Pan Beach is between November and February when the weather is dry and sunny. March through to May are extremely hot in Thailand, which is great for going to the beach, but there is a catch.

    In April and May, many farmers in the north burn their fields which creates a lot of pollution. During this time of year, it’s not possible to visit the north due to the pollution, so everyone comes to the south – Thai locals and tourists. This makes it one of the busiest times of the year to visit Thailand’s beaches.

    That being said, Thong Nai Pan Beach is rarely busy. Because it’s located on the northwest of the island, it’s far away from everything such as the Full Moon parties in Haad Rin, and the backpacker crowds of Zen Beach.

    Those heading to Thong Nai Pan Beach are primarily looking to stay there, which means you avoid the backpacker crowds and party-goers.

    Getting to Thong Nai Pan Beach is relatively easy, as you can take a ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan, and then it’s a 30-minute drive from the pier.

    There are taxis that go direct from the pier, or you can rent a scooter and drive yourself (which is only recommended for those with small luggage as there are a few steep hills to drive over).

    The nearest airport is Koh Samui, and it takes between one hour to 20 minutes to get the ferry to Koh Phangan, depending on whether you take a speedboat or the cheaper, slower ferry.

    Thong Nai Pan Beach is next to Panburi Village which has many restaurants, bars and convenience stores, so you can buy snacks and get refreshments from there. Some resorts and restaurants line the beach, which offer both Western and Thai cuisine.

    There are no public restrooms or showers, but you can use the restaurant’s facilities if you buy a drink. There is also plenty of on-street parking in the village – specifically near Buri Rasa Village Resort.

    If you want to stay at Thong Nai Pan Beach, you’ll find most resorts are four or five star resorts offering a luxury vacation package.

    Panviman is one of the most popular resorts at Thong Nai Pan Beach, since it offers private villas overlooking the beach, an infinity pool, and even its own private pier with a water taxi service.

    There are a few budget-friendly bungalows you can rent, but these tend to be booked well in advance (especially those with A/C). If you intend on visiting this Thailand beach I highly recommend you book accommodation well in advance to avoid disappointment.

    Recommended by Louisa of Travel Thailand Together

    28. Koh Adang

    thailand best beaches view of orange sunset with boat at Koh Adang
    Sunset at Koh Adang😍
    • Nearest airport: Phuket International Airport
    • Best time of year to visit: mid-November until March
    • Cost: Resort – 2000 – 6000 THB / $58 – $176 USD per night; day trip – 500 THB / $14 USD
    • Amenities: A 3-star resort with nice private cottages, a great restaurant, a sea-view pool, and water gear such as snorkels, kayaks, and SUPs

    Koh Adang, a little-known island in the south Andaman Sea, is one of the most magical of all Thai beaches. On this tiny island, you’ll find pristine beaches, healthy coral, and best of all, very few visitors. 

    Koh Adang is located in the very south of Thailand, just 500 metres, and a 10-minute boat ride, from the very popular Koh Lipe. The nearest big city is Hat Yai, which is around 400 km south of Phuket International Airport. Hat Yai has very frequent domestic flights coming from many places across Thailand, which you can book at short notice.  

    The island is best visited by spending a few nights at the Adang Island Resort. This fabulous 3-star resort offers a private beach, a swimming pool, a fantastic restaurant, and lots of fun water toys that you can use. Think kayaks, snorkels, and stand-up paddle boards, so you can play in the water as much as you want. 

    The Adang Island Resort is cut off from the rest of the island by the jungle, so it’s secluded and private. It’s a lovely piece of paradise and you may never want to leave. 

    The resort arranges all transportation to the island from Koh Lipe and they can also arrange various snorkeling tours to explore the fantastic reefs surrounding the island. 

    If you want to explore the remainder of the island, do note that it is a national park and development is very limited. Because there are only basic facilities on this part of the island, most people make a day trip from Koh Lipe. You can organize a boat to take you there and back from Pattaya Beach on Koh Lipe for around 500 THB ($14 USD). 

    Recommended by Dotti of Travel Oasis

    Best beaches in Thailand

    most beautiful beaches in thailand view of beach teal water white sand trees
    One more photo of Princess Beach, Similan Islands (#1 above)

    Whew! What a list! Are you ready to bags and head to the beautiful beaches of Thailand ASAP?! From popular, gorgeous beaches to lesser-known spots worthy of a visit, there’s truly a beach for everyone in this beautiful country!

    Here’s a quick recap of the best Thailand beaches… in a more succinct fashion!

    Most incredible Thailand beaches

    1. Princess Beach, Similan Islands
    2. Silver Beach (Crystal Beach)
    3. Bamboo Island (Koh Mai Phai)
    4. Million Beach
    5. Maya Bay
    6. James Bond Island
    7. Long Beach, Koh Lanta (Pra-Ae Beach)
    8. Kahung Beach, Coral Island
    9. Buffalo Bay (Ao Khao Kwai Beach)
    10. Ta Yai Beach, Koh Larn
    11. Long Beach, Phi Phi Islands
    12. Bottle Beach
    13. Kata Beach
    14. Mai Khao Beach
    15. Koh Khai Nok
    16. Kamala Beach
    17. Railay Beach
    18. Klong Muang Beach
    19. Coconut Beach
    20. Ao Hin Wong Bay
    21. Nangyuan Island Beach
    22. Sairee Beach
    23. Sunrise Beach
    24. Nui Bay
    25. Khao Lak Beach
    26. Lam Haed Beach
    27. Thong Nai Pan Beach
    28. Koh Adang

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