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30 Best Countries to Visit in February (Fun Spots You Haven’t Thought Of)

With spring patiently waiting to arrive, February is the perfect month for a vacation! Whether you’re planning a special Valentine’s Day getaway or looking to find some warm weather, February offers a plethora of options. Here are the best countries to visit in February!

best countries to visit in February view of beach with beach huts and walkway over teal water
Stunning views in one of the best countries to visit in February 😍 (see #10)

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Whether your idea of the best place to travel to in February is to say goodbye to the cold and hit the beach beach, or you’re aiming for snowy adventures like skiing and northern lights, this list has a little bit of everything. 

Some of these destinations are in the off season, so you’ll find amazing pricing, which makes it even more fun to travel there! From cities with cobblestone streets to white sandy beaches, you’ll find the best February destinations.

Including countries from all regions of the world, you’re gonna want to start the search for flights! Let’s dive in!

Countries to visit in February map

From hiking to frozen waterfalls in Finland to taking a safari in Kenya, your February vacation options are truly endless. Use the map below to start planning!

Oh and by the way, I’m continually checking places off my travel bucket list but since I haven’t been everywhere yet, I’ve asked some of my fellow travel writers to help create this list of the best places to vacation in February. Enjoy!

Before you book your trip, be sure to get travel insurance! While I truly hope you have a fabulous time, you just never know what will happen before or on vacation, and travel insurance can protect your investment.

Best countries to visit in February

Who knew February was such a great time to travel?! This list proves that it just may be the best. With fewer crowds and diverse options it’s up to you to decide the best place to vacation in February for your travel style.

There are sooo many options….let’s go!

1. Seychelles

best February destinations view of beach with rounded rocks and palm leaves
Stunning beach scene in Seychelles😍
  • Region: Africa (island in the Indian Ocean)
  • Fly into: Seychelles International Airport (SEZ)
  • Average temperature: 85F/76F. Approximately 11 days of rain.

One of the best countries to visit in February is the Seychelles. If you are coming from the Northern Hemisphere, you will likely have the winter blues at this point and the Seychelles offers a completely different world during the winter months!

Technically, the Seychelles experience their ‘rainy’ season throughout this time, however, it’s the tropics so you can expect a bit of rain throughout the year, anyway.

One perk of visiting the Seychelles in winter is that the seas are calmer despite the weather being wetter. This is especially important for those taking the ferry to La Digue or Praslin from Mahe (the summer ferries are known to make passengers seasick).

In February, you can find the Seychellois celebrating Carnival. They have BBQs (a Creole favorite!), picnics, and a lot of dancing on the islands. There is also the eco-friendly marathon taking place in February.

The off-season winter months also experience slightly cheaper prices – which is great for those traveling as the Seychelles is not a budget destination. Tours are also easier to book at the last minute.

One tour to avoid missing out on is the Saint-Anne Marine Park and Moyenne Island day trip. This is one of the best things to do on Mahe and is a must for any visitor.

If you plan to visit all three main islands (Mahe, La Digue, and Praslin), you should set aside at least 10 days to properly see all the islands. Otherwise, your trip can feel a bit rushed.

Recommended by Megan of Megan Starr

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    2. Finland

    best countries to visit in February view of reindeer caravan in snowy forest
    Best places to travel in February: reindeer safari in Lapland, Finland
    • Region: Northern Europe
    • Fly into: Rovaniemi Airport
    • Average temp: 20°F to 29°F

    Finland is one of the best vacation spots in February, especially in the Lapland region located in Northern Finland. This whole area is a complete winter wonderland, and you will be guaranteed tons of snow!

    Firstly, you will want to base yourself in Rovaniemi, which is the capital of the Lapland region of Finland. It is located right on the Arctic Circle and you can here by train or plane. There are tons of nearby towns, all offering winter wonderland activities.

    From winter hiking, frozen waterfalls, reindeer farms, huskies, Finnish Saunas, and ice fishing, there is something for everyone.

    Additionally, one of the oldest known Nomadic festivals takes place during February. This is called the Jokkmokk market. It celebrates the traditions of the Sàmi people. During the festival, you’ll be taken back to the Middle Ages, where you can try traditional meals and explore the market stalls.

    February is also an incredible time to see the Northern Lights in Lapland! There are plenty of guided tours you can book. By booking a tour, you’ll maximize your chances of seeing the lights as you will be guided by experts. 

    Admittedly, the temperatures are definitely low during this time of the year. Just make sure to have extra layers and a big thick coat.

    For a unique place to stay in Rovaniemi, you can consider Apukka Resort, which is well known for its igloo huts! 

    Recommended by Samantha of Find Love and Travel 

    3. Turks and Caicos (a favorite on this list of best counties to visit in February)

    turks and caicos photo of woman walking in ocean bright teal water blue sky and tan sand
    Stunning Caribbean views in Turks and Caicos😍
    • Region: Caribbean
    • Fly into: Providenciales International Airport
    • Average temp: 82°F high  / 74°F low

    One of the absolute best countries to visit in February, Turks and Caicos is nestled in the vibrant Caribbean Sea. With vibrant turquoise water and white-sand beaches, this getaway is a much-needed reprieve from a cold winter.

    With a scene that can’t be described in words or photos, the color of the water in Turks and Caicos is truly unbelievable. In fact, it reminds me of the time I visited Banff in summer and saw the water in Moraine Lake – truly jaw-dropping!

    Turks and Caicos is a chain of islands, although most people fly into and stay on Providenciales, unless you’re taking a cruise you’ll likely go through Grand Turk.

    There’s so many great things to do in Turks and Caicos, including eating delicious food, enjoying water activities and beach hopping! Grace Bay is the best beach in Turks and Caicos, and where most of the luxury hotels are located.

    To experience more of the island, go kayaking at Chalk Sound National Park, take a snorkeling tour or try kiteboarding at Long Beach.

    Whether you’re looking to relax or craving adventure, Turks and Caicos is the answer to your question, “where to go in February?”

    Recommended by me – Nikki of She Saves She Travels

    4. Egypt

    Cairo Egypt pyramids with sand and blue sky
    Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt
    • Region: North Africa
    • Fly into: Cairo International Airport
    • Average temp: 66 high, 59 low (in F)

    Dating back to thousands of years of history, Egypt is an ancient and incredible country to visit. The country is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Natural Wonders of the World, including the Pyramids of Giza.

    Cairo, the capital and the largest city of Egypt, has an international airport that connects with major cities around the world. There are also a few cruise lines that stop at Port Said in Cairo. Apart from the international airport in Cairo, there are other smaller airports around the city that you can fly to.

    Other than the capital city, there are other ancient and significant cities such as Giza, Memphis, Saqqar, Luxor and Aswan. Throughout these cities you’ll find many historical monuments and are part of the UNESCO Heritage sites.

    You need at least one to two weeks to explore and experience what Egypt has to offer. One of the best places to stay is Giza Pyramids View Inn where the rooms offer views of the pyramids.

    The best and the peak season in Egypt is during the winter season and February falls in the winter season. Offering pleasant weather when compared to the rest of the months, Egypt is one of the best countries to visit in February.

    During the month, the average temperature ranges between 59 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it ideal to explore the iconic monuments, cruise the Nile River, and scuba dive into the underwater world of the Red Sea. In fact, Egypt also celebrates Abu Simbel Sun Festival in the month of February.

    Recommended by Raksha of Solo Passport

    5. Laos

    stunning waterfall scene in the jungle with teal water in Laos best countries to visit in February
    Kuang Si waterfalls, Laos😍
    • Region: Southeast Asia
    • Fly into: Wattay International Airport, Vientiane
    • Average temperature: 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit but it can get much colder in the northern province of Phongsali

    February is one of the best months to delve into Laos’ culture and natural wonders. While definitely on the banana pancake trail, Laos sees fewer visitors than Thailand or Vietnam and is a haven for those seeking a more tranquil escape in Southeast Asia.

    February is one of the best times to visit as the rain bids its adieu and the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold which makes it excellent for outdoor activities.

    In addition to the plethora of activities in February, you will love the country for its gorgeous natural scenery, friendly locals, and delicious cuisine. Places not to miss in Laos are definitely the city of Luang Prabang for its proximity to the Kuang Si Falls and Vang Vieng for its beautiful rock formations.

    Make sure to leave time to explore lesser-known destinations like the towns of Nong Khiaw and Muang Ngoi.

    Furthermore, the Mighty Mekong flows right through Laos. You can enjoy boat trips on this amazing river but also taste local delicacies out of the river like fried Mekong seaweed crackers with chili peppers and garlic.

    From Wattay Airport, you can easily reach the center of the capital Vientiane. Busses and trains leave from the capital to every corner of the country.

    I would recommend staying for at least four weeks to really immerse yourself in the Lao ambiance and to have enough time to slow travel the country.

    A great stay that is high on many travelers’ bucket lists is the Gibbon Experience. Here, you’ll sleep in treehouses high in the canopy of lush forest in the north of Laos.

    It’s no secret why Laos is one of the best places to visit in February.

    Recommended by Annelies of Travelers & Dreamers

    6. Norway (Where to go in February for adventure-lovers!)

    where to travel in February view of norway and northern lights green and purple spread across the sky
    Northern Lights in Norway😍
    • Region: Northern Europe
    • Fly into: Tromsø Airport
    • Average temp: 30° F high, 22° F low 

    Norway, and especially the northern portion above the Arctic Circle, is the perfect destination for an adventurous vacation in February. It’s the perfect place to see the northern lights and try other activities like riding a snowmobile or going ice fishing. 

    Plan to visit northern Norway for at least 6 days. A longer trip will give you more chances to see the northern lights and will give you time to visit smaller areas like Narvik and Senja.

    Unless you’re visiting other countries in northern Europe, plan to start and end your trip in Tromsø, where you’ll find the biggest airport in the region. 

    There are weeks during the winter in Norway when Tromsø and other areas see 0 minutes of sunlight each day. By February, the days are starting to get longer and the locals are more friendly. It feels as though the entire region is starting to come back to life as the sun starts to shine longer and longer each day. 

    The northern lights are a natural phenomenon, so there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll see them during your visit. You can increase your chances by visiting for several days and visiting areas away from sources of light pollution. 

    For a unique and unforgettable experience, you can stay in an arctic dome in northern Norway. If you’re lucky, you might even see the northern lights from your warm bed inside the dome. 

    It’s easy to see why Norway makes it on this list of the best places to travel in February!

    Recommended by Amber from Amber Everywhere

    7. Kenya

    elephant with tree and hill in distance
    Elephant at Samburu National Reserve, Kenya
    • Region: East Africa
    • Fly into: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO)
    • Average temp: 82°F high, 72°F low

    Kenya is one of the best countries to travel to in February. The climate is mild and mostly dry, which is perfect for safari, and the chances of wildlife spotting – including baby animals and a wide variety of birds – is fantastic. February is also a great time of year for hiking and climbing.

    You can do a lot during a 12-day action-packed safari trip to Kenya, especially if you use a tour provider like Sense of Africa.

    Most tours begin and end in Nairobi, where you can visit the Giraffe Centre, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the Karen Blixen Museum, and more. 

    From here, you can tailor your tour to visit (and stay at) various game parks. Some favorites are Samburu National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park, and Maasai Mara National Reserve.

    Don’t forget to save time to hike at Mount Kenya National Park, home to Africa’s second highest peak.

    One of the highlights of any trip to Kenya is the Maasai Mara, which shares the same ecosystem as Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. It is one of the most famous safari destinations in the world.

    The Mara is home to an abundance of lions, elephants, giraffes, buffalos, and cheetahs, as well as the elusive leopard and endangered black rhino. Be sure to pack your binoculars!

    Here, you can also do a Maasai village tour. On the tour, you’ll practice your high jumps, chant with members of the Maasai tribe, go inside a typical Maasai home, and learn about the Maasai culture.

    You can also opt to take a hot air balloon ride over the Mara or have breakfast on a riverbank, while watching hippos and crocodiles swim in the Mara River.

    Note that a travel visa is required to enter the country, and the Yellow Fever vaccination is highly recommended.

    Recommended by Sara from Travel A-Broads

    Best places to visit in February continued…

    We’re just getting started! Here are more of the best countries to visit in February – including a few of my favorites!

    8. French Polynesia (where to travel in February for warmth!)

    vacations for February view of island coast with lush greenery
    Moorea, French Polynesia
    • Region: Oceania
    • Fly into: Papeete International Airport 
    • Average temp: 85 high, 75 low

    February is the perfect time to visit French Polynesia if you’re looking for an escape from the cold winter weather. During this month, visitors can expect temperatures to range from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a great time to soak up the sun on one of the many perfect beaches.

    During the stay, consider exploring Tahiti’s waterfalls before hiking Moorea’s lush trails. You can reach the trails by taking a ferry from Tahiti to Moorea.  

    Then. explore the underwater wonders of Bora Bora or the tranquil lagoons of Rangiroa. Both of which feature crystal clear water and a truly unforgettable experience.

    Visitors won’t have to worry about crowds either, since February is considered low season.  This is the perfect time to find deals on airfare and accommodations.

    The sights will be less crowded and the beaches may feel empty.  For travelers ready to splurge, check out the Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora for excellent service and stunning views.

    To get to French Polynesia, most travelers fly into Papeete before flying or boating off to the other islands.

    If possible, visit this beautiful country for at least a week to experience all that French Polynesia has to offer.

    Travelers should note that in the touristy areas, English is common. However, keep in mind that English may not be widely spoken in off the beaten path areas, so brushing up on some basic French phrases is a good idea.

    As you can see, French Polynesia is one of the best places to go in February for an unforgettable getaway!

    Recommended by Monica of This Rare Earth

    9. Guatemala (an underrated destination on this list of best countries to visit in February)

    places to go in February view of lake shore with boats and docks with volcanoes in distance
    Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
    • Region: Central America
    • Fly into: Guatemala City – La Aurora International Airport (GUA)
    • Average temp: 78°F high  / 56°F low

    Guatemala is known as “the land of eternal spring,” with much of the country enjoying pleasant, mild days year-round. However, February may just be the best time to visit, boasting warm, sunny weather in the middle of the dry season.

    The nearly perfect weather makes it an ideal time to tackle a hike up one of the volcanoes that the country is known for.

    The most famous of these is the trek up Volcan Acatenango, which allows for a unique experience to witness Volcan Fuego. It’s one of the most active volcanoes in all of Central America.

    If you prefer less adventurous activities, there’s plenty more that Guatemala has to offer. Spending a few days in Antigua is a must to explore its colonial gems. The city was destroyed by a giant earthquake in 1773 and rebuilt, and its attractions offer a look into its history and resiliency.

    After spending some time in Antigua, it’s highly recommended that you head over to Lake Atitlan. There are about a dozen Mayan villages that surround the lake, each offering a different vibe and feel.

    You will gain a fascinating look into traditional Mayan culture – and the views of the lake and surrounding volcanoes are unreal.

    If you have more time, head over to the ruins of Tikal. These ruins are one of the most important ancient cities of pre-Columbian Mayan civilization.

    Another attraction worth visiting is Semuc Champey, a natural monument consisting of a series of cascading turquoise pools nestled in the lush jungle.

    No matter how you decide to spend your time in Guatemala, it’ll surely prove to be one of the best February destinations.

    Recommended by Caroline of Pictures and Words

    10. Maldives (a top choice for the best places to travel in February)

    Maldives beach with beach huts and walkway over teal water best countries to visit in February
    Views don’t get much better than this in the Maldives!
    • Region: Southeast Asia
    • Fly into: Velana International Airport (MLE)
    • Average temperature: between 85°F and 89°F

    Are you looking for where to go in February? Add the Maldives to the list! This place is what your screensaver image was showing at least once in your lifetime, and you have probably wondered “Is this place even real?”.

    No matter if you decide to have a more active vacation and invest 10 to 14 days in The Maldives, or if you just plan to lay on a beach for at least a week, February is the best time to visit this awesome tropical paradise.

    While The Maldives is known as a go-to destination for couples on their honeymoon, I can tell you that you can enjoy it no matter what you are celebrating.

    If visiting in February though, and you don’t want to see way too many couples on your trip, avoid Valentine’s Day. Even better, come right after, so you get to enjoy the smaller prices and the absolutely amazing weather.

    The highlight of the trip? The absolutely mind-blowing underwater world, for sure! There are few other places in the world with such a diverse underwater landscape.

    Be prepared to encounter not only a lot of colorful fish and delicate anemones, but also huge turtles, gorgeous manta rays, and amazing sharks. No matter if you’re a professional diver or you have just bought your snorkeling gear, please learn about the various animals you may encounter.

    It’s also important to educate yourself of the potential dangers of the place. It’s your responsibility to protect yourself and the environment.

    Recommended by Cristina of Honest Travel Stories

    11. Cuba

    cuba beach best places to vacation in February
    Varadero Beach, Cuba
    • Region: Caribbean
    • Fly into: Havana or Santiago de Cuba
    • Average temp: 78F

    If you are looking for sunny and warm destinations in February, Cuba is the perfect place for you. It’s one of the best hot destinations in February to visit!

    Located in the Caribbean, Cuba is famous for many things including classic cars, stunning beaches, cigars, rum and more.

    February is one of the best months to visit Cuba. It’s the dry season (no risk of hurricane) and the temperatures are lovely. You can expect an average of 78°F (25°C).

    This means that you can enjoy all the best activities in Cuba from the beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving to hiking and sightseeing in cities.

    The best way to get there is by plane. There are two main airports, one in Havana and one in Santiago de Cuba but if you opt for a package holiday, you may fly to a smaller one.

    Ideally, you’ll need two weeks to explore Cuba. This will give you the opportunity to discover various landscapes and places such as Havana, Vinales, Varadero, Santa Clara, Trinidad and more.

    There are a lot of activities that are worth doing but here are some of the highlights. Viñales is by far a must-visit in Cuba. It’s home to loads of tobacco plantations and is perfect for people who want to discover how cigars are made.

    Varadero on the other hand is perfect for beach lovers. Here you will discover beautiful beaches with white sand and crystal clear water. It’s a paradise on Earth!

    Recommended by Pauline of Beeloved City

    12. Netherlands

    where to travel in February view of lake and wind mill on sunny day
    Kinderdijk, Netherlands
    • Region: Northern Europe
    • Fly into: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
    • Average temp: 46°F high, 32°F low

    The Netherlands offers a unique getaway experience. It easily makes this list of the best countries to visit in February. You can expect chilly but manageable weather with occasional rain, so packing layers and a waterproof jacket is key.

    While the winter climate may be crisp, the atmosphere is anything but dull due to the Carnival celebrations. The festivities are particularly prominent in the southern regions like Limburg and North Brabant, with colorful parades and fantastical costumes.

    Getting to the Netherlands is straightforward. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport serves as a major hub for numerous international flights. Once in the country, the highly efficient public transportation system, including trains and buses, makes navigating to different regions easy and convenient.

    A week-long trip would allow you to enjoy the Dutch Carnival while also exploring the highlights of the country.

    Amsterdam, with its famous canals and museums, and Utrecht, known for its medieval architecture, should be on your list. Rotterdam is another cool option with great architecture and a fun vibe – don’t miss Kinderdijk with its iconic windmills just outside Rotterdam.

    If you are staying in Amsterdam, then check out the “Mr. Jordaan” hotel. Its central location offers easy access to the city’s main attractions.

    Despite the festivities, February is not peak tourist season, allowing visitors to explore with fewer crowds. However, hotels in towns hosting Carnival festivities might book up quickly. It’s always best to reserve in advance.

    Recommended by Jo of World Wild Schooling

    13. Indonesia (a bucket list country to visit in February!)

    ancient temple with lilly pads and stone walkway in Bali Indonesia best countries to visit in February
    Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
    • Region: Southeast Asia
    • Fly into: Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali
    • Average temp: 75 to 88 degrees

    Indonesia is a perfect destination in February if you’re looking to experience the archipelago without the high-season crowds. 

    It is technically a rainy season, but places like Bali, even in rainy times, are great. With showers often occurring mostly at nights, it leaves the days sun-kissed.

    Meanwhile, destinations like Raja Ampat boast their best weather, offering crystal-clear visibility for snorkelling and diving.

    Direct international flights cater to major hubs like Jakarta and Denpasar. If you’re coming from Europe or the Americas, you might have a layover at popular transit points such as Singapore’s Changi Airport, Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, or even Dubai International Airport.

    For a first-time visit to Indonesia, which boasts over 17,000 islands, a 2-week stay is recommended. A typical itinerary might include a few of the best areas in Bali, such as Ubud, Seminyak and Uluwatu.

    Be sure to save time for a visit to Java to see the magnificent Borobudur Temple and to climb Mount Bromo. If you have more time, take a trip to Flores for komodo dragons or Sumatra to see the orangutans in their natural habitat.

    As for the festivals, February is the time of Chinese New Year,  locally known as “Imlek.” This festival ushers in vibrant street performances, colourful parades, and intricate lantern displays, especially in cities with significant Chinese-Indonesian populations like Jakarta or Surabaya.

    Recommended by Mal of Where To Stay Bali

    14. Australia

    view of Australian coast in February with Bech and tall coastline ridges
    Sights along the Great Ocean Road, Australia
    • Region: Oceania
    • Fly into: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport
    • Average temp: 65-78°F in Sydney; 70-85°F in Brisbane; and 57-77°F in Melbourne.

    Australia is, without a doubt, one of the best countries to visit in February.

    You’ll be heading Down Under during the country’s summer months, so the weather will be at its best in the most popular areas for tourists. Despite this, the crowds (and prices) will be starting to lower as local children head back to school and international arrivals decrease. 

    Given the size of the country (roughly the same area as the continental U.S.!), and the lengthy flight (and subsequent jetlag) to get there, Australia is not country in which to spend a mere few days. Two weeks should be the absolute minimum amount of time you allocate, but if you can stretch it out to a month, you’ll be greatly rewarded.

    Sydney is a particularly great spot in February, which is convenient, as most international flights will arrive there. The city’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras celebrations kick off in the middle of a month and last for a whopping 17 days. It’s one of the largest Pride events in the world and you can expect parties, film festivals, parades, art shows, and more.

    Down in Melbourne, February provides the perfect climate for driving the Great Ocean Road. This iconic coastal road starts from just outside of the city and is regularly named one of the most scenic in the world.

    On the drive, you’ll pass beautiful beaches, lush rainforest, and and rugged cliffs, all the way to the impressive 12 Apostles.

    Recommended by Lauren of Everything Victoria

    15. Jordan (a fun one on this list of best countries to travel to in February)

    best countries to visit in February view of camels laying on sand with mountains in distance
    Wadi Rum, Jordan
    • Region: Jordan, Middle East
    • Fly into: Queen Alia International Airport in Amman or King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba
    • Average temp: 80°F high, 50°F low

    Visiting Jordan in February is a fantastic idea for those looking for a unique Middle Eastern adventure. You can avoid the tourist crowds that flock to Jordan during the high season.

    The weather may be a bit chilly in the mornings, but it’s much more comfortable for outdoor activities than the unbearably hot summer months.

    Dress in layers, bring sunscreen and a hat. Be sure to respect local customs and dress modestly. Wear a bikini only on the private beaches of your hotel.

    The best way to explore the country is to rent a car. A 5-day itinerary to visit the highlights is recommended to immerse yourself in Jordan’s rich history and natural beauty.

    The iconic city of Petra and the desert landscape of Wadi Rum are must-sees. The cooler weather makes exploring these ancient wonders much more enjoyable.

    The capital Amman, the ancient city of Jerash and the Dead Sea, where you can float on the water, are also worth a visit. The Red Sea near Aqaba offers great diving.

    Don’t forget to try the Jordanian cuisine, especially the delicious falafel. Enjoying the local food and wine is one of the best Jordan travel tips.

    Jordan in February promises an unforgettable, crowd-free adventure among the country’s incredible landscapes and historical treasures.

    Recommended by Maria of Map and Camera

    Best places to vacation in February

    Are you a fan of chilly adventures? Or do you prefer relaxing on a warm sunny beach? This vacations for February list has something for everyone. From low crowds to affordable deals, February is THE time to travel! Here are more of the best places to go in February!

    16. USA

    best countries to visit in February view of Hawaiian coast with vibrant blue water and road cut into hillside
    Maui’s Coast, Hawaii, USA
    • Region: North America
    • Fly into: varies based on state; Lihue, Kona, Honolulu or Kahului in Hawaii
    • Average temp: 79°F high, 68°F low on average for Hawaii (remainder of US varies based on region)

    If you’re reading this list of the best countries to travel to in February and are not from the US, then a trip to the states may be perfect for you! While the US is vast and experiences will vary greatly from state to state and within each region, I highly recommend a trip to Hawaii in February!

    The weather is amazing during this time of year and the water is warm enough for swimming. Each island in Hawaii has its own appeal. And if you’ve never been, take this Hawaiian island quiz to help you determine which island is best for you.

    Taking a trip to the Big Island to see the active volcano is deserving of any bucket list. Soak in the bustling city of Honolulu and the history of Pearl Harbor in Oahu. 

    Be at one with nature in Kauai, soaking in amazing hiking views and the stunning NaPali Coast. Maui is home to the incredible adventures along the Road to Hana and Kahekili Highwy.

    You really can’t go wrong with visiting any of the Hawaiian islands, especially during the winter!

    Recommended by me – Nikki of She Saves She Travels

    17. Malta

    where to go in February view of bright blue sea and land near Malta
    Stunning views of Malta
    • Region: Southern Europe
    • Fly into: Malta International Airport (MIA)
    • Average temp: 50-61 degrees

    If you are looking for one of the best destinations in February with culture, fascinating history, beautiful architecture, and striking coastlines, then you will love the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta. 

    By visiting in February, you will get mild temperatures ranging from 16℃ (61℉) to 10℃ (50℉) and lower lodging prices, given you will be there outside of the summer high season.

    To get there, fly into the Malta International Airport. Then, if you have a few days, base yourself in nearby Valletta, the historic and peninsular capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Choose lodging on a pedestrian street, like Merchants Street, at a hotel like Rosselli – AX Privilege, or a street over, at Ursulino Valletta, with its gorgeous rooftop breakfast deck. This is a great guide if you need more ideas on where to stay in Malta.

    While in Valletta, wander the streets and visit the Upper Barakka Gardens. Join a city tour to learn about its rich history. Or go on a photo tour highlighting the best views, prettiest doorways, and backdrops in a place improbably overflowing with aesthetic impressiveness. 

    Then, take a day or two to get out of the city. Use the affordable Malta bus Explore pass or join a tour to visit the fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

    If you have the time, be sure to explore the ancient fortress city of Mdina, or wander the grounds of the megalithic temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra overlooking the sea. 

    Then, take the ferry to Gozo, Malta’s second-largest inhabitable island. Spend a few days visiting villages, walking stunning coastlines, and catching breathtaking sunset views from the Gozo Cittadella ramparts using an itinerary like this one to guide you.

    Recommended by Janice of Gather and Go Travel

    18. Argentina (another amazing destination on this list of best places to visit in February)

    places to visit in February view of Argentina mountains with snow and lake
    Spectacular hiking views in Argentina😍
    • Region: South America
    • Fly into: Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport
    • Average temp: 77° F high, 67°F  low – but these are rough estimates: the country is very vast and some regions such as Patagonia or Tierra del Fuego can be much colder.

    Argentina is by far the best country to visit in February in South America. This is the peak of the summer season; which means more tourists and peak tourist season fares. On the other hand, February is the best month to visit Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

    Your trip will inevitably start in the capital Buenos Aires, known as the Paris of South America. Check out the Casa Rosata, explore the historic San Telmo, where you can see impromptu tango shows, and La Boca districts and enjoy  the nightlife of Palermo.

    If you love nature and hiking, you’ll have to head to Patagonia: catch a flight to Trelew and head to Puerto Madryn to admire the incredible wildlife – summer is the best time to see penguins.

    From there, it’s another flight to Ushuaia, the main town in Tierra del Fuego and a perfect base to explore the Tierra del Fuego National Park. One of the best hikes in the region is Laguna Esmeralda.

    El Calafate, also in Patagonia, is the best base to explore Perito Moreno and reach El Chalten, the hiking capital of Argentina. It’s here you’ll find the trails to the Laguna Torre and Laguna de los Tres (or Mount Fitzroy). 

    If your interest is wine, then a trip to Mendoza and then to Salta is a must. Not far from Salta, the quebradas offer plenty of hiking opportunities, excellent wineries and a unique atmosphere here.

    Also north of Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls are on the border with Brazil. Spend at least 2 nights to visit both the Argentine side and the Brazilian side for a full experience.

    One of the best tips for those visiting Argentina for the first time is to focus on just one area. The country is massive, and it will take you multiple trips to visit it. Focus your trip on one region and try to explore locally as much as you can.

    Recommended by Claudia of My Adventures Across The World

    19. Aruba

    Aruba's white sand beach in winter time with hotels and boats off shore best countries to visit in February
    • Region: Caribbean
    • Fly Into: Queen Beatrix International Airport
    • Average Temp: 86F High, 77F Low

    The island of Aruba is one of the best vacation spots in February for a beach getaway.

    Aruba is home to beautiful white sand beaches, incredible snorkeling and diving, but the island offers much more than your typical beach getaway. 

    Popular activities include sunset cruises, catamaran trips and dinner boat tours. Once you’ve soaked up enough sun on Palm Beach or Eagle Beach, you can try some windsurfing, parasailing or explore other parts of the island.

    Arikok National Park cannot be missed. You can explore by taking a jeep tour or renting your own 4×4 to adventure across the wild landscape and limestone cliffs. One of the highlights is the Natural Pool – a small pool protected by the wild waves of the sea.

    It’s easy to fly into Queen Beatrix International and take the many airport transportation options. However, having a car opens up a new world of exploration for the adventurous and independent travelers. 

    You can visit Aruba year-round as it sits outside the hurricane belt. February is also one of the dryer months with rain more likely in October to January. This makes February a popular month to visit, however it is never going to seem as crowded as many of the other islands.

    Visit at the beginning of the month and you’ll catch the famous Aruba Carnival. You’ll find exciting events every day until the middle of February!

    You’ll need 7 days minimum to enjoy Aruba but that would depend on your beach time. If  want to enjoy the many other activities as well as the world-class beaches then more days are recommended!

    Recommended by Jeff of Life of Y

    20. Thailand (another favorite on this list of best countries to visit in February)

    Thailand beaches longtail boats on beach with sand and teal water looking down best countries to visit in February
    Stunning beaches in Thailand😍
    • Region: Southeast Asia
    • Fly into: Suvarnabhumi Airport
    • Average temp: 80F high, 70F low

    Thailand is undeniably one of the best countries to visit in February. The country offers diverse landscapes, from lush jungles and pristine beaches to bustling cities. Whether you’re seeking tranquility or adventure, you’ll find it here.

    The weather is spectacular, with clear skies and more bearable temperatures than other months. February is also the last cool month in Thailand.

    One of the most magical events in February is the Chiang Mai Flower Festival. The streets are transformed into a floral paradise. It’s a vibrant three-day celebration full of parades, garden displays, and traditional dancing.

    The best part? Thailand is relatively quieter during February.

    To get there, fly into Bangkok. Then, explore the country via domestic flights, trains, or even motorbikes. Bangkok’s bustling markets, historic temples, and vibrant street food are a must-see before you travel to other islands.

    For a quieter experience, visit Chiang Rai’s White Temple or explore Ayutthaya’s ancient ruins. Enjoy the turquoise waters of Krabi or relax on the tranquil beaches of Koh Samui.

    A two to three-week trip is perfect for getting a taste of Thailand. Consider booking boutique hotels for a more authentic experience, and don’t forget to savor local food at their street markets! It’s one of the best things to do in Thailand!

    As you travel to Thailand, pack modest clothes for your temple visits. If you plan to stay longer, arrive earlier rather than later because from March to May, the pollution from their burning season tends to be quite intense.

    Recommended by Gladis of Happiness on the Way

    21. Spain

    best country to visit in February view of city in Spain with old buildings church and sea
    Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain
    • Region: Southern Europe
    • Fly into: Jerez Airport (XRY) or Seville Airport (SVQ)
    • Average temp: 63 °F high, 52 °F low

    Tucked away in the southwest corner of Spain, Cádiz is a great place to visit in February, thanks to the Cádiz Festival. While the rest of Andalusia slumbers in its winter lull, Cádiz comes alive and reveals its most flamboyant side during the second month of the year.

    Travelers and locals flock to the Carnaval de Cádiz for its chirpy atmosphere. Expect vibrant parades and costumes as the streets come alive with the sounds of music. It’s one of Spain’s biggest carnivals, known for its clever and satirical performances known as “chirigotas.”

    While you’re in this breezy city, it’s the perfect occasion to try some classic Andalusian dishes like pescaíto frito (fried fish) and the ever-popular churros.

    While the rest of Europe shivers, Cádiz enjoys a mild and pleasant climate in February. Although it’s far from its summer peak temperatures, it’s an ideal destination to escape winter’s cold.

    The city appeals to a diverse crowd, from locals to tourists seeking an authentic Spanish experience. Getting from Seville to Cadiz  is a breeze – it’s just a 1.5-hour train ride away. You can also easily reach it from popular destinations like Malaga or Tarifa.

    Besides the festival, Cádiz’s main attraction is its beautiful old town, sitting gracefully in the middle of the bay of Cádiz. Whether you’re visiting its iconic white cathedral, medieval fortress, or the Mercado Central, you’re always just a few steps away from the sea.

    Even though the festival lasts for 11 days, it’s a good idea to plan to stay in Cádiz for at least 2 days to fully enjoy its beauty. Afterward, you can keep exploring the many great things to see in Andalusia during its quieter, less busy season.

    Even if you don’t plan to stay for the entire 11-day festival, it’s a good idea to spend at least 2 days in Cádiz to enjoy its beauty. Afterward, you can keep exploring the many great things to see in Andalusia in the intimacy of its low season.

    Recommended by Iphi of Travel Choreography

    22. Curacao (a top choice for the best country to visit in February)

    best destinations in February view of white sand beach with teal water in the Caribbean
    Stunning beaches in Curacao😍
    • Region: Caribbean
    • Fly into: Hato Airport
    • Average temp: 86°F high, 76°F low

    Considering a break from winter chills? Curaçao is the perfect place to go in February. With its warm temperatures and sunny weather, it’s easy to see why many choose this Caribbean island.

    A big draw in February is the Curaçao Carnival. Streets come alive with music, dancing, and colorful parades.

    Locals and tourists enjoy this animated fest, combining traditional beats with modern tunes. It’s not just a party; it’s an experience that brings everyone together, celebrating Curaçao’s unique culture.

    But it’s not all about dancing. If you enjoy being active, you might want to hike in Curaçao. The island offers a mix of gentle seaside paths and more demanding mountain trails. Walking, you’ll spot local plants, birds, and some wildlife.

    Thinking of staying for a week? The Baoase Luxury Resort is a top pick. It’s the best option for luxury accommodation in Curaçao, and you will have a treat like nowhere else on the island. However, due to the popularity of the Carnival, it’s important to rserve your stay well in advance.

    During your vacation, language won’t be a barrier. Most people in Curacao Island speak Dutch, Papiamentu, and English. You can also use the US dollar for most things which makes shopping and dining out hassle-free!

    So, if warm days, lively parties, and natural beauty sound good, Curaçao in February should be on your list!

    Recommended by Odo of Caribe Vibes

    23. Switzerland

    best countries to visit in February  wine and food on table with Swiss alps in distance
    Fabulous wintry experiences in Switzerland in February
    • Region: Central Europe
    • Fly into: Zurich or Geneva
    • Average temp: 28-45 F

    The Swiss Alps may just be the dreamiest places to visit in February and Switzerland is truly a winter wonderland.

    Geneva and Zurich are both accessible airports from most cities in Europe and getting around the county is simple with the fantastic train system.

    Switzerland lies at the crossroads of several major European cultures, German, French and Italian. This will provide you with incredible architecture and diversity from the wonderful cities to the small towns.

    Pick a few towns that you catch your eye and map out your itinerary – spend a week in Zermatt or enjoy a three-night train trip through the country with a new stop each day.

    Zermatt is a “must do” when it comes to planning your trip. The famous Matterhorn sits in view of the town and provides phenomenal views.

    This town is home to well known ski areas with the Matterhorn in the background and bustling streets. For an incredible hot tub view of the mountain, make sure you consider the beautiful BEAUSiTE Zermatt Hotel for your stay. 

    Looking for something quieter and more relaxing? Consider the upscale and luxurious Gstaad. More luxury stores than souvenir shops, this town is a wonderful place to step out of reality.

    Make sure to take the gondola up into the mountains and get a table at Bergrestaurant Eggli. Enjoy some cheese fondue and drink wine while appreciating the beauty of the Swiss Alps.

    From gorgeous cities to charming chalet lined towns, its hard to go wrong on a getaway to Switzerland.

    Recommended by Monica of Maxed Out PTO

    Where to go in February continued…

    Anyone else looking forward to escaping the cold with these best places to visit in February? Or maybe you are looking to bundle up and avoid the crowds in a chilly country. Whatever you choose, the world awaits!

    24. Brazil

    countries to visit in February Brazil coastline and mountains with city
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • Region: South America
    • Fly into: São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)
    • Average temp: 72 to 88 degrees F

    When it comes to hot weather destinations in winter, one of the best countries to visit in February is Brazil.

    Not only is February the height of summer, but it’s also when Brazil’s famous Carnival takes place. Therefore, it’s the best time to experience the country’s festivities, music, dance, and food.

    Rio de Janeiro boasts the most iconic Carnival celebrations, but the whole country lights up with street parties, parades, and live concerts. So, no matter where you are, you’ll get a fantastic taste of Brazilian culture during this time.

    February is an excellent time to soak up the sun and enjoy Brazil’s 2,000+ pristine beaches. And, although February is the busy season, the warm weather makes it an ideal time for sightseeing.

    If you’re in Rio, make sure to visit Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer, and the iconic Copacabana boardwalk, which is most lively at this time of year.

    February is also a great time to visit one of the country’s most famous natural wonders, Iguassu Falls. This is the world’s biggest network of waterfalls and is particularly impressive in February, as the water levels are at the highest.

    For a truly memorable experience, you can even see the falls from above by taking a helicopter tour, or get wet on a speedboat ride down the Iguassu River!

    The best way to get to Brazil is by flying to Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro, as there are direct flights from many North American and European cities. Once in Brazil, travel is relatively cheap and easy with the option of taking domestic flights or overnight buses.

    Because there’s so much to see in Brazil, you really should allow yourself at least 10 days to explore as much as possible.

    Recommended by Chanelle of Chasing Chanelle

    25. St. Lucia (another top choice for places to go in February)

    St. Lucia in the caribbean countries to visit in February with views of large mountain and cove with boat in water palm trees
    Petit Piton, St. Lucia
    • Region: Caribbean
    • Fly Into: Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) or George F. L. Charles Airport (SLU)
    • Average Temp: 83 degrees high / 72 degrees low

    St. Lucia is a gorgeous island in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. It is an idyllic destination for a February getaway! Its appeal lies not only in its tropical climate but also in the vibrant atmosphere created by local festivals and events. You will have so much fun getting to know this island.

    In February, the island hosts the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, attracting music enthusiasts from around the world. The event showcases a mix of local and international artists.

    Additionally, you can enjoy music in the street every Friday of the year at the lively Gros Islet Street Party, located along the northern shore of the island.

    February is a great time to visit St. Lucia as crowds are low. Peak tourist season picks up in March. Travelers can enjoy the serene beaches and explore attractions without crowds. Visiting the iconic Pitons, the famous volcanic peaks you’ll see in all the guidebooks, is a must.

    Most visitors will stay on the West Side of the island near Soufrière or the north side closer to Rodney Bay. The west side is known as honeymooners paradise. The north side is known for lively culture and more affordable accommodations.

    Cruise lines like Virgin Voyages pull into Castries port on the northern side of the island. Though cruises don’t stay in St. Lucia for long, they can be the most economical way to see the highlights of this fabulous island.

    Whether you’re staying for a day or a week, St. Lucia easily fits on this list of the best country to visit in February!

    Recommended by Eleanor of Elevate Your Escapes

    26. Germany

    European city with tall buildings and ornate architecture
    Munich, Germany in February
    • Region: Central Europe
    • Fly into: Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport (MUC)
    • Average temp: 42°F high, 27°F low

    Wondering where to visit in the chilly month of February? Pack your winter woolies for a trip to the
    ever-charming capital of Bavaria, Munich.

    Munich is easily reached by domestic or international flight. Book yourself at least two days for enjoying Bavarian beer hall culture and stunning Old-World buildings.

    If fairytale town halls and toasty taverns weren’t enough to entice you, Munich has one of its most
    beloved traditions in late February – the vibrant Fasching Carnival.

    Dating from the 1400’s, there’s special dance routines and a colorful parade of “silly” knights and nimble jesters that journey through the historical center right to the famous Hofbräuhaus. It’s also the perfect excuse to stop in for a stein of golden beer and a hearty schnitzel after the show is done.

    The festivities run throughout the month of February; with joyful celebrations reaching their peak from
    the 19th – 21st .
    You’ll find the main stages set up at beautiful Marienplatz and the grand Stachus/Karlsplatz, with local performances running all day.

    When you’re done enjoying the festival, Munich has so much more to see and do. Try out this carefully curated, self-guided walking tour of Munich – designed to show you around many of the city’s delightful attractions.

    Don’t forget your warm winter jacket and comfy walking shoes so you’ll be ready to enjoy Munich without the crowds. Germany is by far one of the best countries to travel to in February!

    Recommended by Jenelle of Happy Little Rover

    27. Italy

    Rome building with statues places to travel to in February
    Rome, Italy during February
    • Region: Southern Europe
    • Fly into: Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport
    • Average temp: 57°F high, 38°F low (Rome)

    Italy is the best place for a vacation in February if you’re keen on saving money and avoiding crowds.  Aside from skiing areas in Northern Italy, February is in the ‘low season’ in much of the rest of the country so you can score some amazing deals.

    You’ll want to stay at least a week – preferably two – to see the most popular Italian cities. The largest airport in Italy is just outside Rome, so this is the best place to begin your trip. 

    Start off your stay in the Eternal City with a golf cart tour of Rome. This is the best way to see the top sights – from the Colosseum to Trevi Fountain and Rome’s famous piazzas – without wearing yourself out on the first day of your vacation. 

    The lower crowds in Italy in February means you’ll have a much easier time getting tickets to top attractions such as the Vatican, or world-class museums like the Uffizi in Florence.

    February is of course the season of Carnevale. It’s celebrated all over Italy, but if you want to be a part of a truly amazing Carnevale, head to Venice. Experience the excitement of parades and masquerade balls along with the romance of taking a gondola ride through the canals of Venice. 

    And if you’re in Catania, Sicily, don’t miss La Festa di Sant’Agata, which honors the city’s patron saint. This grand festival centers on one of the largest religious processions in the world!

    Recommended by Lisa Garrett of Waves and Cobblestones

    28. Mexico (convenient destination on this list of best countries to visit in February)

    large pyramid in Mexico on sunny day with steps leading up it
    Chichen Itza, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
    • Region: North America
    • Fly into: Cancun International Airport
    • Average temp: 83°F high, 66°F low 

    Mexico is an amazing destination for a winter trip if you are looking to escape colder climates. Both air and water temperatures are warm in February, which leaves you with plenty of outdoor activities to choose from. 

    Most tourists come for the beautiful beaches, refreshing cenotes, and ancient Mayan Ruins. Rainforests of Yucatan are also perfect for wildlife viewing. You would need at least a week to explore everything this region of Mexico has to offer. 

    Fly into Cancun as it has the best tourist infrastructure on the peninsula. You have more options for hotels, car rentals, and restaurants than anywhere else in the region. You can choose to take guided tours from Cancun or explore the nearby attractions on your own in a rental car.

    The Mayan architecture is the highlight of the Yucatan Peninsula. Start by visiting Chichen Itza, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Arrive as early as possible to enjoy the world famous pyramid with fewer tourists. You can visit a few other archaeological sites nearby, like Uxmal and Tulum.

    If you prefer to extend your trip by a few days, it is worth venturing out deeper into the country. You could choose to see Palenque or Calakmul ruins. Hidden in the rainforest, these mysterious ruins attract less people. They are the most remarkable of all Yucatan sites and worth a longer drive.

    No matter how you choose to spend your time, the beautiful country of Mexico will be one of the most memorable places to travel to in February.

    Recommended by Anastasia of Travel Realist

    29. Malaysia

    bike and street art in Malaysia in wintertime
    George Town, Malaysia
    • Region: Southeast Asia
    • Fly into: Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
    • Average temp: 86°F high, 72°F low

    Malaysia is a one of the February best holiday destinations. Malaysia offers a lot of different experiences amidst pleasant weather conditions.

    Winter – from December to February – is the best time to visit the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur.

    The world’s highest twin towers, the Petronas Twin Towers, are a must-visit attraction in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, offering breathtaking views of the capital’s skyline.

    To experience Malaysia, combine Kuala Lumpur with other west coast destinations. The charming George Town, on the island of Penang, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you can wander through historic streets and indulge in as much street food as you can handle.

    Then continue your journey to Langkawi, a tropical paradise where white sandy beaches and lush jungles – including different species of wild monkeys are waiting for you.

    If possible, consider staying at least two weeks to combine Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Langkawi. However, if you have more time, add the UNESCO World Heritage town Malacca to your itinerary and include day trips from Kuala Lumpur, too.

    You can hike the famous mountain of Gunung Jasar in the Cameron Highlights, hike through one of the oldest rainforests in the world, Taman Negara, and visit the town of Ipoh, where you’ll find one of Malaysia’s biggest cave temples.

    Malaysia’s cultural calendar is another reason to visit in February. Both Chinese New Year and Thaipusam are celebrated in this month.

    The Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is well-connected to most major cities in and beyond SouthEast Asia. Low-cost carrier AirAsia makes domestic travel between Kuala Lumpur and other destinations easy (and cheap).

    Malaysia is one of the best countries to visit in February – it’s just a bonus that it’s also affordable!

    Recommended by Marlieke of Kuala Lumpur with Kids

    30. New Zealand

    best countries to visit in February view of town with coast and mountains in distance
    Sunny and warm New Zealand in February
    • Region: Oceania
    • Fly into: Auckland International Airport
    • Average temp: 75°F high, 60°F low

    New Zealand in February is perfect for those seeking an idyllic summer escape. During the last month of Kiwi summer, you’ll find warm and pleasant weather perfect for exploring they country’s beautiful national parks.

    While February is still a popular month with visitors, the major summer holiday season has ended and local school holidays are over, so it’s easy to find some secluded spots to relax. 

    Spend your time relaxing at the beach, enjoying the long daylight hours, and trying out a variety of outdoor activities. New Zealand is one of the absolute best places to go in February!

    Explore geothermal wonders in Rotorua, spend some time enjoying the white, sandy beaches on the east coast, and go bungy jumping in Queenstown.

    Head up north to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds on 6 February to mark the signing of New Zealand’s founding document with ceremonies, cultural performances and food.

    Other festivals taking place in February include Napier’s Art Deco Festival, Splore, a festival of art and music, the New Zealand Festival of the Arts and the Wellington Wine and Food Festival. 

    A popular way to see the country is by campervan. It’s a relatively affordable way to see New Zealand’s stunning landscapes up close – just check the camping restrictions before you go or stay in holiday park or campsite.

    Recommended by Roxanne of Love Queenstown

    Best countries to visit in February

    road and trees along coastline with black rock blue water white waves
    Another view of Maui’s coast (#16 above)

    Wow! What a list. With so many fun festivals and a diverse range of activities, the options for a February vacation are truly endless! Where will you head this February?

    Here’s a quick recap of the best countries to visit in February, in a much quicker fashion!

    Absolute best places to travel in February

    1. Seychelles
    2. Finland
    3. Turks and Caicos
    4. Egypt
    5. Laos
    6. Norway
    7. Kenya
    8. French Polynesia
    9. Guatemala
    10. Maldives
    11. Cuba
    12. Netherlands
    13. Indonesia
    14. Australia
    15. Jordan
    16. USA
    17. Malta
    18. Argentina
    19. Aruba
    20. Thailand
    21. Spain
    22. Curacao
    23. Switzerland
    24. Brazil
    25. St. Lucia
    26. Germany
    27. Italy
    28. Mexico
    29. Malysia
    30. New Zealand

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