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30 Unique Travel Gifts They’ll Actually Want

You need a gift. But what do you get someone who loves to travel and that they don’t already have? Well, you need a unique travel gift! The best travel gifts are ones your favorite wanderluster will actually use.

As an avid traveler, I’ve either used these items or they’re on my wish list because these travel gift ideas are practical, useful and fun. (And awesome!)

This list goes beyond travel-sized toothbrushes and neck pillows… these are the best gift ideas for travelers because they probably don’t already have them. Let’s get to it!

unique travel gifts taken to belize
I packed a bunch of the essentials below on my trip to Belize

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Unique travel gifts for her

Here are my top gifts for female travelers. (You’re welcome!)

Travel scarf with pocket

A girl always needs someplace safe to put her phone while traveling. Women’s clothing rarely has the right size pockets for a cell phone. Enter: the scarf with a hidden pocket.

It’s more secure than a purse for traveling, too. Definitely one of the best and most unique travel gifts for her.

Airplane footrest – hammock style

Okay, so this could technically be a male or female travel gift. But I’m adding it here because generally females are shorter. This airplane footrest helps us short people to get more comfortable on long flights.

I could have used this on my last trip to Kauai. At 5′ 2″, it’s often a challenge for me to get my legs comfortable and this would have come in really handy.

Adult coloring book

There’s only so much screen time one can take on a long flight. A coloring book is a nice alternative to help pass the time on long flights or road trips. I’ve used them before, and so have my kids.

Travel-inspired jewelry

This is one of my favorite unique travel gifts for her because it’s useful any time of year!

A necklace, earrings or other jewelry that’s travel-related could be the right thing for the female on your list. There’s a ton of options over at Etsy – my favorite is this airplane necklace.

unique travel gifts airplane necklace
Necklace by Charmed Traveler on Etsy

Useful travel gifts you haven’t thought of

Shampoo and conditioner bars

Shampoo and conditioner bars from NMJ Handmade Creations on Etsy

I loooove traveling with my solid shampoo and conditioner bars. They’re a great, eco-friendly alternative to packing plastic travel-sized bottles. Plus they’re TSA approved since they’re not liquid.

Oh, and they’re the perfect size gift for stocking stuffers. You can find solid shampoo and conditioner bars here. Bonus: they smell amazing!

Beach towel with hidden pocket

For the beach lover, get them the perfect beach towel! I love that this one’s lightweight yet absorbent. It’s super soft and has a discrete pocket to hide valuables on the beach.

I have this beach towel in the pink stripe, but it comes in several other colors – such a unique travel gift idea and honestly perfect for gifting!

Waterproof phone case

I can’t recommend this item enough. It’s low price but high value! I use this waterproof phone case on every trip that includes any kind of water activity and I love it!

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RFID passport wallet

Using my RFID passport wallet in Guatemala

My husband’s friend was traveling through Dubai last year and got his information stolen off his passport. So when I went through Dubai, I made sure I protected my info. (Nothing against Dubai specifically, theft is everywhere.)

But ever since then, I carry RFID protection for my passport, credit cards and ID. Here’s the RFID passport wallet that I have – it comes in 19 color so there’s plenty to choose from.

My passport wallet has flown with me to several countries, and is very good quality. Definitely one of the best gifts for someone traveling abroad.

Travel symbols t-shirt

Here’s a truly unique travel gift. Traveling someplace with limited knowledge of the language is tough. Ease that difficulty for the person you’re shopping for with this travel shirt! It has the most common travel icons to easily communicate abroad.

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    Laundry soap sheets

    Perfect for the traveler who packs like a minimalist or goes on extended trips. These laundry soap sheets dissolve and are TSA-friendly.

    Poo-Pourri Spray

    I mean, I don’t think I need to go into much detail here. Except that this Poo-Pourri toilet spray is perfect for a girls’ weekend and definitely a romantic vacation. It’s also the right size for a stocking stuffer. #justsayin

    Tech gifts for travelers

    Noise-cancelling headphones

    These noise-cancelling headphones *might* be the best invention for travelers. Ever. I didn’t really get it until I borrowed a pair for my trip to India. Next thing you knew, I owned a pair myself.

    If your wanderluster doesn’t own a pair, this is a very nice and unique travel gift!

    Headphone splitter

    Your favorite traveler will be able to cozy up to their significant other on and watch their favorite show with this helpful head-phone splitter. This one can actually split the audio 5 ways for more ways to share!


    If you’re feeling extra generous this holiday season, gift a GoPro Hero. They’ll be able to take amazing photos and videos while on their best adventures.

    Don’t forget the float strap for water activities!

    Wireless mini Bluetooth speaker

    Perfect for hiking, camping or hanging out on the beach. This wireless Bluetooth speaker is travel-size but delivers great sound. Oh yea, and it’s waterproof!

    Cord organizer

    Perfect for all those gadgets, not to mention cell phone chargers, back-up batteries and everything else. This cord organizer will keep all their cords neatly contained while traveling.

    Unique travel gifts – the gift of experience

    Alright so I’m a bit of a minimalist and while I love a great travel product that makes life easier, I also love giving experience gifts. Here are a few to consider for your favorite traveler. 🙂

    USA National Parks pass

    national park pass glacier np
    Used our park pass to visit Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana

    It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving. I mean, who can see every national park in the U.S. in just one year? Give your wanderluster the gift of free admittance to some of the most iconic places in the country.

    Buy your USA National Parks pass here.

    My family bought a National Parks this year and visited Arches, Glacier, Badlands and Canyonlands National Parks. Saved us money and it was way easier to enter the park, too. Such a unique travel gift idea!

    Airline points

    unique travel gifts airline miles
    Landing in San Diego, California

    All of the major airline carriers in the U.S. allow you to transfer points from your rewards account to another traveler’s rewards account. So you can give the gift of an entire flight or by combining both accounts’ points.

    There’s usually a small fee to do this and not all airlines are treated equal here. This guide can help you determine if transferring airline points or miles is a good option for you.

    Gift card to airbnb

    Give a stay in an airbnb! You can buy airbnb gift cards and they can use them toward their next stay. That will get a big thank you hug, for sure.

    Traveling photo session

    san diego flytographer
    Capturing memories on the beach in San Diego using Flytographer

    This one miiiight be one of my favorites on this list of unique travel gifts. You can literally give the gift of memories when you give a Flytographer photo session gift card.

    This gift will allow your wanderluster to capture their memories solo, with their significant other, family, or larger group. The recipient will get digital rights to the photos to do with them what they’d like.

    I used Flytographer for during my weekend trip to San Diego, and with such an easy process, I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking to capture memories while traveling.

    Unique travel gifts for the adventure traveler

    adventurer traveler upheaval dome
    Hiking the Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands National Park

    If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s always on the move or goes to destinations you wouldn’t dare, check out these items that just might come in handy.

    Water filter straw

    Lightweight and the perfect size to slip in a backpack, this personal water filter straw is everything for the outdoor lover. It works by filtering the water as one drinks. What?!

    Water purifier and filter bottle

    Certainly larger than the straw, this water bottle purifier will help make a fresh water source healthy enough to drink. According to the manufacturer (and a ton of reviews) your wanderluster will now be able to drink tap water in foreign countries with this bottle. Win!

    Travel hammock

    This travel sized hammock is super functional for travelers who love hiking and camping. It’s the perfect way to take a nap after a long hike, too. I have it in orange and love it!

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    Fun travel gifts – just because!

    Practical is important….but it can be even more exciting to give a fun travel gift!

    Custom phone case

    Grab a photo off Instagram or Facebook and surprise them with a custom phone case! I love the phone cases I’ve bought from Custom Envy. I’m currently rocking a photo from my trip to Turks and Caicos and get compliments on it all the time.

    unique travel gifts - custom phone case
    Phone case options with Custom Envy

    Carry-on cocktail kit

    Surprise your wanderluster with this carry-on cocktail kit. This kit includes everything needed to make margaritas and Moscow mules, except the alcohol. They’re airline-approved and just require liquor from the beverage cart to craft an on-board specialty drink.

    Ummm- can you think of a better departing gift for someone traveling abroad?

    Flip flops with messages in the sand

    If your traveler is planning an island vacation, these fun flip-flops might just make it into her carry-on bag. Best thing about these is you can choose your color – and your liquor!

    What a fun and unique travel gift!

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    Travel themed gifts for the home

    Here are some ideas for the home for your travel lover. I love that these can set a tone for the home and give back year after year.

    Travel-inspired gifts from Etsy

    Shop on Etsy for the best travel gifts. From home decor to globes, custom travel gear and so much more. Search Etsy for custom-made travel gear – the possibilities are endless!

    to travel is to live home decor sign
    Shop Etsy for travel gifts. Sign by Nico Printable Art

    Wireless phone charger

    This is a fun and practical way they can see their favorite vacation memories every day. Set it up with photos from their most recent trip with a quick download from Facebook or Instagram. This customized wireless phone charger is from Shutterfly.

    unique travel gifts that are practical like this wireless phone charger
    Customizable wireless phone charger from Shutterfly

    Airplane bottle opener

    Perfect for entertaining and sparking up conversation about recent travels, this airplane bottle opener is an affordable home accessory for your favorite traveler.

    Travel scratch-off map

    Your favorite traveler will thank you for this scratch-off travel map. They’ll be able to display all the destinations they’ve been to. Plus it’s really fun to scratch off a new place when arriving back home!

    Unique travel gift ideas – that’s a wrap!

    Ha! (Pun intended.) Getting a unique travel gift for someone that they’ll actually use and enjoy can be tough. But this list of gift ideas surely gave you a lot of options to consider.

    If you found this list helpful, share it with a friend for save it for later on Pinterest!

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