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10 Best Places to Fly Drones in the US (Incredibly Scenic Spots You’ll Love)

Are you looking for amazing places to fly your drone and capture breathtaking views from the sky? The USA is packed with stunning spots that are perfect for your flying adventures. Here’s 10 of the best places to fly drones in the US where you can capture some epic shots!

best places to fly drones in the US view of gray sandy beach with white sand and teal water
Where to fly a drone in the US – #9 on this list!

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As a lover of gorgeous landscapes, I’ve flown in some pretty amazing destinations. From the gorgeous beaches in Turks and Caicos to the amazing scenes in Costa Rica, the underrated Peloponnese region of Greece to the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, I’m a sucker for dramatic scenery.

And my very favorite way to capture beautiful landscapes is from my drones in the sky!

There’s so much beauty in the United States to capture from a drone. Flying since 2018, I’ve traveled to many states with gorgeous scenery. These are my top spots to fly a drone in the USA for scenery that, at the time of this publication, are also completely legal to fly!

Map of the best places to fly a drone in the USA

If you’re a visual person, here’s a map of the destinations on this list. Start planning that trip now!

Understanding drone flying regulations

Hanalei Bay coastal aerial view of blue water beach and mountains
Gorgeous landscapes in Hanalei Bay via drone – #6

Before you fly drone in these locations (or anywhere), it’s crucial to know the rules that allow you to fly legally. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the authority that sets the regulations for drones. These rules are designed to keep both people and property safe, as well as protect the airspace.

As a rule of thumb, in the USA you cannot fly in:

  • National Parks (some state parks and recreation areas are off limits too)
  • Near airports, prisons and other government buildings
  • On private property without permission

How to check where to fly a drone in the US (legally)

beautiful aerial shot of blue water and green trees looking downward
Stunning views – see #1 below
  1. Airspace apps: the FAA has put together the B4UFly program, that basically knows the airspace and you can easily tell if you can fly in a certain place. These are the apps are:
  2. Local drone regulations: some areas have additional restrictions. For instance, if you’re in a public park, check for no drone signs as you enter. Also check the local website to see if there is a drone policy. Look for official websites like .org, .gov, etc. Some places have complete restrictions, while others have an approval process.

  3. Private property: if you want to drone on private property you should ask permission directly. For instance, a hotel you’re staying at. Plan this in advance if possible to avoid disappointment.

If you’ve checked all of these things, then it’s likely you can drone there!

Best practices for safe drone flying

road through desert activities in Moab
Scenic views in Utah – #4 below

Before heading off to these best places to fly drones in the US, make sure you’re following proper drone etiquette!

  • Respect privacy: Always avoid flying over private properties or taking videos and photos of people without their permission.
  • Avoid crowds: for safety, avoid flying over crowded areas. This minimizes risks in case of a drone malfunction.
  • Maintain visual line of sight: your drone should always be within your line of sight while flying.
  • Be aware of the environment: be mindful of animals and the environament. Disturbing wildlife with a drone is not only unethical but could also be illegal in certain areas.

By staying informed and cautious, you can enjoy flying your drone without getting into legal trouble and while respecting the safety and privacy of others.

Best places to fly drones in the USA

Basics covered, let’s get to the most scenic places to fly in the states.

1. Maui, Hawaii

street along stunning coastline in Hawaii best places to fly drones
Road to Hana from above in Maui, Hawaii

Maui is like a slice of paradise with its lush landscapes and sparkling waters, perfect for aerial footage. Imagine your drone gliding over the famous Road to Hana, capturing the winding roads and waterfalls along the way.

You can also take it above beaches at sunset for some truly magical footage. I loved flying at the underrated Kihei Maui as well! Just be sure to respect local regulations and keep your drone away from protected areas, like Haleakala National Park.

2. Orange Beach, Alabama

orange beach AL white sand blue water umbrellas where to fly drones near me
Beautiful white sand beaches of Orange Beach, Alabama

Next up is Orange Beach in Alabama, where the skies are as welcoming as the waters. This spot is great for getting footage of the expansive white sandy beaches. I’ve also flown at the sister city on a family vacation to Gulf Shores with kids!

Flying your drone here during a sunny day will give you vibrant photos and videos of this charming Southern getaway.

3. La Jolla, California

california shoreline with ocean trees grass and buildings along coast
Where to fly drones in the US – beautiful coast of La Jolla!

If you’re wondering where to fly a drone in the US, head on over on the West Coast! La Jolla Cove in California offers some spectacular ocean views from above. Your drone can catch the dramatic cliffs and the waves crashing against them. The beautiful coastline is perfect for flying your drone.

Fly high and use caution to not disturb sea lions lounging on the rocks or playing in the water. La Jolla is a picturesque place that’s just perfect for drone photography, and visiting this area is one of the best ways to spend 2 days in San Diego, too!

4. Utah’s Scenic Byway 128

aerial view of the colorado river and canyon with road
Canyon and Colorado River on Scenic Byway 128

Utah is simply incredible! From the famous canyons of Zion and Canyonlands National Parks to the out-of-this-world landscapes of southern Utah, it’s a simply beautiful state. Because national parks are off limits for drones, you can turn to equally scenic parts of the state.

Flying a drone along Utah’s Scenic Byway 128 offers a spectacular aerial view of the red rock landscapes and the Colorado River. This is definitely one of the top places in the US to fly a drone, with the dramatic and awe-inspiring footage.

5. Siesta Key, Florida

best places to fly drones in the US-Siesta Key view of white sand beach teal water red lifeguard stand
Beautiful Siesta Key Beach from above

Florida’s Siesta Key is famous for having some of the softest, whitest sand around in the USA—perfect for those beachy drone shots. Whether you’re looking for awesome family photos with your drone or fun using your tracking features, this spot is great for it!

Fly your drone over the Gulf of Mexico during sunset for stunning colors and reflections. The calm waters and wide beaches here make it easy to get great footage without too much fuss.

6. Kauai, Hawaii

view of teal water and lush coastline from above
Stunning Tunnels Beach in Kauai, Hawaii

Back to Hawaii, but this time to Kauai, often called the “Garden Island” because of its dense tropical forests.

Get your drone high above gorgeous beaches in Kauai and stunning coastlines. There are quite a few spots on the island that are prohibited, so just make sure to check the FAA-approved apps above to ensure you’re flying safely and legally.

Also keep in mind that Kauai has lots of rain, so watch the weather to pick the best flying times. I’ve personally been a victim to capturing footage and all of the sudden it started raining on me!

I’ve personally flown 3 different drones in Kauai over the years, and i

7. Dillon, Colorado

blue lake against Rocky Mountain peaks on a sunny day places to fly a drone
Dillon Lake, Colorado: one of the best places to fly a drone in the US

Heading to the Rocky Mountains, Dillon in Colorado is fantastic for those who love lake views with a backdrop of snowy peaks.

The clear Colorado skies offer perfect flying conditions for most of the year. Just be sure to watch for extremely cold temps so your drone batteries or propellers don’t freeze during the wintertime.

Fly your drone over Lake Dillon and capture the marinas, boats, and the stunning mountain ranges around.

8. Vieques, Puerto Rico

black sand beach vieques view from above via drone of teal water white wave and black sand tan shore
Where to fly drones: stunning Black Sand Beach, PR

Vieques, a small island off mainland Puerto Rico, is a hidden gem with less crowded skies, making it ideal for drone pilots. Capture the seemingly untouched Black Sand Beach, one of the most rare beaches in the United States.

Flying a drone here feels like uncovering a secret paradise! Puerto Rico is incredible, and Vieques is one of the best places to fly drones in the US!

9. Big Sur, California

beautiful view of a bridge and coast with fog rolling over hills
Famous Bixby Creek Bridge via drone shot

Another California favorite and one of the best places for drone photography, too. Big Sur, California offers rugged landscapes and stunning coastlines that look incredible from above. Gorgeous beaches meat rocky cliffs and it’s the perfect contrast for any drone operator.

Fly your drone along the coast to capture the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge, one of the best things to do in Big Sur, and the surrounding coastline. The misty mornings here create an ethereal effect that’s simply mesmerizing when caught with a drone.

10. 30A, Florida

30a Florida beaches view of blue and teal water with blue beach umbrellas lining the waters edge best places to fly drones in the US
Gorgeous beaches along 30A

Florida’s Scenic Highway 30A is a picturesque route along the Gulf Coast with numerous beach communities. Each spot along 30A has its unique charm, from the colorful homes of Rosemary Beach to the dune lakes of Grayton Beach.

Your drone can catch these cool spots and the best 30A beaches along this scenic stretch in Florida.

Where to fly a drone in the US

palm tree lined beach with tan sand and blue waves with coastline
More gorgeous beaches from Vieques – #8 above

Exploring these places with your drone will not only give you a ton of fun but also leave you with stunning visuals that you can cherish forever. So pack up your drone, pick a spot from our list, and get ready to take off into the sky! Happy flying!

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