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Best Beach in Aruba: 26 Insanely Beautiful Beaches (and 1 to Avoid)

Home to some of the most spectacular beaches in all of the Caribbean, this island is an incredible spot for a beach vacation! Pristine white sand that truly feels like walking on pillows meets stunning turquoise water. These are the best beaches in Aruba.

best beach in aruba white sand teal water and line of huts with palm trees
Gah! Gorgeous beaches in Aruba – see #16 below 😍

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This island is like eye candy, really. Part of Aruba is lined with palm trees and resorts. The other is home to vast, undiscovered land with beaches in the most unexpected spots.

Add in a few beaches sprinkled throughout the most densely populated areas, and you’ve got a plethora of beaches for your vacation!

What’s the best beach in Aruba?

woman sitting on divi beach, aruba
Enjoying the view on Divi Beach

After exploring the beautiful island of Aruba and touching my toes (and sometimes water shoes) to the sand, this is the ultimate guide to the best beaches in Aruba!

Beach-hopping is one of the best things to do in Aruba, and it’s always a good time!

This guide includes perfect, white sand beaches that you’d expect to see in the Caribbean. And it also includes scenic beaches off the beaten path. The ones that haven’t been combed and prepped daily for tourists.

And of course, as an avid snorkeler who’s experienced snorkeling in beautiful places like Turks and Caicos and Belize, I’ve also included the best snorkeling in Aruba!

Aruba Map – Beaches

The island has beautiful beaches throughout. Depending on where you’re staying and where you’re planning to adventure, use this map to find a beach near you.

Note: a couple of locations aren’t on the map because they’re so remote it’s not well documented on Google Maps. Use the directions below in those cases 🙂

Guide to the best beaches in Aruba

Each beach will include the location or GPS coordinates, nearby parking and amenities, the shade situation and if you should bring water shoes or not.

And of course, the last beach on this list is the one to avoid while you’re in Aruba!

This list isn’t numbered from first place to last – you get to decide which is the best beach in Aruba for you!

The first section includes the most popular beaches on the island…

1. Eagle Beach, Aruba

eagle beach aruba
Sitting on Eagle Beach, Aruba on a beautiful day

Starting this list off with a bang! Rated over and over again as one of the best beaches in the world according to Trip Advisor, this beach is simply incredible! It’s everything you dream of in a beach.

The beach stretches pretty far on the west side of the island, from resort-front property to public beach access.

The waves have fun crashing on the shore while the sand is impeccably white and clear of seashells or seaweed. Palapas provide shade for those who need it, and since it’s a public beach it has ample parking and even free wifi!

Location: GWXR+JM Noord, Aruba (or simply navigate to Eagle Beach)
Parking: public parking lot near the south end
Shade: Palapas, some tree shade
Water shoes: not needed 
Amenities: nearby resorts and restaurants 

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    2. Baby Beach, Aruba

    baby beach aruba
    View of Baby Beach, Aruba

    The waves, sand and water are the perfect combination for a day at the beach. Named after it’s shallow entrance and gentle waves, Baby Beach is one of the best swimming beaches on the island!

    If you’re staying in the popular Palm Beach/ Noord areas, it’s a bit of a drive. But worth every minute of time it takes to get there!

    This beach in Aruba is busy, similar to the Pinney’s Beach, one of the top things to do in Nevis. It’s a Caribbean Island that’s bucket-list worthy!

    Location: navigate to Baby Beach in San Nicolas, Aruba
    Parking: nearby parking lot
    Shade: Palapas (free) and tents for rent
    Water shoes: not needed
    Amenities: 2 restaurants on either side of the beach plus lockers

    See more Aruba activities:

    3. Arashi Beach, Aruba

    Arashi Beach Aruba
    Soft white sand of Arashi Beach Aruba

    A fun beach on the northern side of the island, you’ll find plenty of fun in the sun at Arashi Beach. This is one of the most popular beaches for locals, and a spot for beach parties and gatherings. 

    The waves are a bit larger on this side of the island, but still comfortable for swimming and wading in the water. There’s a good amount of shade between the palapas, huts and umbrellas available for rent.

    The parking is ample and there’s a restaurant right next to the beach, perfect for lunch during a day on the sand!

    Location: navigate to Arashi Beach in Noord, Aruba
    Parking: yes, plenty
    Shade: Palapas (free) and umbrellas for rent
    Water shoes: not necessary
    Amenities: nearby restaurant

    4. Palm Beach, Aruba

    beautiful palm beach aruba
    View of Palm Beach, Aruba

    Perhaps the most popular beach in Aruba, Palm Beach is where most of the hotels are one the island. It’s the liveliest beach with the most action. 

    There’s plenty of restaurants and beach bars along Palm Beach, Aruba, as well as non-stop tours, boats and jet skis leaving the beach. It’s also great for swimming and wading in the water.

    Palm Beach has one of the most calm shores in all the island, making it a perfect beach for anyone, including small kids. Stay at a resort in Palm Beach and get a view of the water from your hotel room as you wake up each morning.

    Location: navigate to Palm Beach, Aruba
    Parking: difficult if you’re a guest – there’s one public access parking or mall parking across the street
    Shade: Plenty of palm trees and Palapas
    Water shoes: not needed
    Amenities: beachside rinse stations and restaurants

    Beaches inside Arikok National Park

    Next up, we’re heading to the expansive Arikok National Park. Pack a lunch and hit the beach to watch the powerful waves! Beautiful white sand and deeper blue water create a peaceful backdrop for a fun experience in a lesser-known area of Aruba.

    Just a quick note: you’ll need water shoes on many of the more rugged beaches in Aruba. I love these water shoes – they’ve literally traveled the world with me! They’re comfortable enough for hiking and transition well to wading in the water and swimming.

    5. Dos Playa 

    dos playa Aruba
    Dos Playa, Aruba in Arikok National Park

    Located inside the Arikok National Park, it’s a trek to get here. Dos Playa literally means ‘two beach’ and that’s exactly what you’ll get! A bumpy dirt road along the coast is a bit of adventure, anyhow!

    Once you’re at Dos Playa you’ll see why this is the National Park in Aruba. It’s beauty is astonishing. You’re witnessing unspoiled beaches and nature at it’s best!

    It’s not safe to swim at Dos Playa. Surfing and boogie-boarding are only for those who are very experienced in the water, and generally is not recommended on this part of the island.

    I really enjoyed hiking to the cliffs overlooking the beaches at Dos Playa and watching the waves crash on the sand. This is also where my husband and I saw about a dozen wild goats, too!

    Location: navigate to Dos Playa, Arikok National Park, Aruba
    Parking: yes, near the beach
    Shade: none
    Water shoes: definitely
    Amenities: no

    Experience more of Arikok National Park:

    6. Boca Prins

    Boca Prins
    Boca Prins in Arikok National Park, Aruba

    Just a few steep stairs down to the beach from the parking lot and you’ll see bright, white sand that’s almost as nice as Palm Beach or Arashi Beach. With a strong current, the beach at Boca Prins isn’t for swimming or surfing as much as it is for viewing and soaking in Mother Nature.

    The beach at Boca Prins is inside Arikok National Park and is a pretty secluded stop on a day spent exploring the park. Truly an incredible sight!

    Location: F3WR+WX Santa Cruz, Aruba
    Parking: yes, near the beach
    Shade: none
    Water shoes: yes
    Amenities: no

    Best snorkeling beaches in Aruba

    Alright so if you’re headed down to the Caribbean, you know there’s good snorkeling. The clear, warm water and nearby reefs make for good snorkeling conditions. Here are the best snorkeling beaches in Aruba.

    Just a quick note: you’ll need to bring your own snorkel gear to these beaches, or book a snorkeling tour to experience the best snorkeling in Aruba!

    7. Mangel Halto, Aruba

    stunning aruba beaches looking out to sea
    Aruba’s coastline doesn’t get much better than this

    More of a local’s beach than tourists, Mangel Halto is a prime spot for snorkeling in Aruba. A coral reef and 2 nearby channels welcome fresh ocean currents, so the waves can get really rocky here. Snorkeling at Mangel Halto is best on calm days, or for experienced swimmers.

    It’s an amazing spot to see many beautiful colorful fish and reef. It’s also a phenomenal spot for kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. Explore the nearby mangroves, too.

    With a wooden deck that lead out into the ocean, it’s perfect for sunbathing. There’s public palapas and natural shade so it’s also great for spending an afternoon having fun in the water.

    Mangel Halto is south of Oranjestad, so you really have to make it a point to go there if you’re staying in the popular Palm Beach area. It’s a fun stop on the way to Baby Beach, too.

    Location: navigate to Mangel Halto, Aruba
    Parking: nearby parking lot
    Shade: plenty
    Water shoes: yes
    Amenities: nearby bar within walking distance

    8. Boca Catalina Beach

    best beach on aruba
    The beautiful Boca Catalina Beach, Aruba

    This was one of my favorite beaches to visit in Aruba. It has a lot of natural shade and several Palapas. You can find one of the most picturesque coastlines on the island at Boca Catalina Beach. 

    The unique coastal mix of sand and rocky cliffs make it a fun spot for snorkeling, too. The rocky bottom creates a better environment for marine life than the ultra-smooth beaches like Eagle Beach and Baby Beach.

    The beach is more on the rocky side and you can wade out pretty far into the water before it gets too deep. Just make sure to pack your water shoes so you can enjoy getting into the water while you soak in the views!

    There are multiple areas to park and enter this beach. The southern entrance has more shade and Palapas than the northern entrance.

    Location: navigate to Boca Catalina Beach
    Parking: nearby parking lots
    Shade: yes, palapas and natural shade
    Water shoes: absolutely (again these are my fave water shoes – I have them in gray)
    Amenities: not much

    9. Malmok Beach (one of the best snorkeling beaches in Aruba)

    Malmok beach aruba
    The picturesque Malmok, Aruba

    Looking for the best snorkeling in Aruba? Well Malmok Beach is the spot for you! While there’s many beaches to snorkel in Aruba, Malmok is the best.

    There’s not a whole lot of beach here, but there is a whole lot to see! 

    I recommend bringing snorkeling gear with you to Aruba because without a tour, it can be difficult to rent some on the island. My husband and I usually pack our snorkeling gear for beach destinations and this snorkel set from Amazon is awesome!

    Anyway, hit the water from the south beach and swim along the coast through stunning turquoise water. There’s a large variety of coral and fish all along the Malmok coast.

    If you love snorkeling, you’re going to want to take your time here!

    Location: navigate to Malmok Beach
    Parking: yes, along the street there are several parking areas
    Shade: some palapas and natural shade
    Water shoes: absolutely
    Amenities: not much

    Some of the best snorkeling tours in Aruba:

    10. Tres Trapi Beach

    tres trap beach Aruba
    Entrance to the water at Tres Trapi

    Near Malmok Beach is Tres Trapi Beach. Tres Trapi translated is ‘three steps’ as it has stairs built into the rock to get in an out of the beach. It’s not a large beach, but it’s a beautiful spot to enter the water.

    Tres Trapi Beach is also one of the best beaches in Aruba for snorkeling. There’s not as many fish as further down the coast in Malmok, however large starfish are often seen at this spot.

    This beach seems a little busier than the nearby Boca Catalina Beach, but it’s equally as fun!

    Location: JW2X+XC Noord, Aruba or just navigate to Tres Trapi
    Parking: nearby parking lot
    Shade: not much
    Water shoes: not necessary
    Amenities: not much

    Kitesurfing in Aruba

    The beaches of Aruba are beautiful and full of adventure. If you love kitesurfing or are into extreme sports and want to try it out, I’ve got just the list for you. 🙂

    The whole island of Aruba is windy, averaging 15-20 mph daily, creating the ideal conditions for kitesurfing. The following spots are the best beaches for kitesurfing in Aruba!

    11. Hadicurari Beach

    hadicurari with kitesurfer
    A windsurfer’s heaven: Hadicurari Beach

    Hadicurari Beach is quite shallow but packs a punch! It’s the perfect kitesurfing beach in Aruba. If you’re new to the sport, there’s plenty of kitesurfing lessons in the area. Or, rent the gear and hit the water yourself!

    Hadicurari Beach is positioned so the wind and shallow water combination makes it perfect for kitesurfing and windsurfing!

    Location: navigate to Hadicurari Beach
    Parking: nearby parking lot
    Shade: not much
    Water shoes: yes, if you plan to swim or wade in the water
    Amenities: not much

    12. Grapefield Beach

    windsurfing in Aruba
    One of the best windsurfing beaches on Aruba:

    If you’re looking for a secluded beach in the touristy island of Aruba, this is it! Named after the sea grape plants that used to be prevalent in this area, Grapefield Beach is a surfer’s paradise nowadays.

    Grapefield Beach is one of the larger beaches on the eastern side of the island, and is a mix of pure white sand and grassy beach. You’ll pretty much always see people out enjoying the water here! It’s a fantastic spot for Aruba kitesurfing.

    This is one of the few beaches on this side of the island where it can be comfortable for swimming and wading in the water. There areas of the beach that are more shallow – swimming in the deeper parts isn’t advised!

    Grapefield Beach is easy to access, and sits just a few minutes drive north of Baby Beach.

    Location: navigate to Grapefield Beach, Aruba
    Parking: nearby parking lot
    Shade: not much
    Water shoes: yes
    Amenities: snack bar at the kitesurfing school

    13. Boca Grandi

    Boca Grandi Beach Aruba
    Kitesurfers enjoying the waves on Boca Grandi Beach

    Find peace and beautiful scenery at Boca Grandi! Just down the road from Grapefield Beach is the beach at Boca Grandi.

    Similar to its neighbors, swimming on a calm day is possible, but be weary of strong currents. It’s a fun beach to sit and watch the kitesurfers, or rent some gear and dive in yourself!

    This spot is perfect to spend the afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy areas on the island. Pack your travel cooler, beach chairs, favorite lightweight beach towel and food as there aren’t any amenities. But that’s part of the draw at Boca Grandi Beach!

    Location: navigate to Boca Grandi, Aruba
    Parking: nearby parking lot
    Shade: no
    Water shoes: yes
    Amenities: no

    14. Bachelor’s Beach

    cheeseburger in foreground with sand and water in background
    What happens when you’re too hungry to photograph just the beach… you get a cheeseburger in the shot! 🙂

    Also known as Boca Tabla by locals, Bachelor’s Beach is just down the coast from Grapefield Beach and Boca Grandi.

    The waves are constant at Bachelor’s Beach so it’s not suitable for swimming or wading in the water. However, it’s perfect for kitesurfing, surfing or boogie boarding!

    Back on the sand, if you’re looking for peace, solitude and a spot to truly enjoy nature on the island of Aruba, you’ll find it at Bachelor’s Beach. It’s a secluded getaway and worth the trip.

    Be sure to pack the reef-safe sunblock, beach chairs and snacks because you won’t find any services at this beach – which is part of the allure, right?

    Location: navigate to Bachelor’s Beach, Aruba (near San Nicholas)
    Parking: nearby parking lot
    Shade: no
    Water shoes: yes
    Amenities: no

    More favorite beaches in Aruba

    We’re more than 1/2 way done with the list, and it’s time for a couple of my absolute favorite beaches in Aruba. These next 2 beaches have the perfect soft, silky sand and brilliant turquoise waters. Enjoy!

    15. Manchebo Beach

    Manchebo beach aruba
    The quiet and peaceful Manchebo Beach

    One of the most beautiful beaches you’ll find in Aruba has got to be Manchebo Beach.

    Manchebo Beach is speckled with large black rocks between pristine, white sandy spots to enter the water. The rocks provide texture to your view, yet aren’t intrusive enough to get in the way of a good time actually in the water.

    Manchebo Beach is one of the best swimming beaches in Aruba!

    Multiple hotels are situated on the beach, so it’s a little difficult to get to. Use the public beach access near the Casa Del Mar Beach Resort and walk north to Manchebo Beach.

    Note: All the palapas are reserved for hotel guests, so be sure to bring your own beach towels or chairs for your time at this beach!

    Location: navigate to Manchebo Beach, Aruba
    Parking: public access road near Casa Del Mar Beach Resort
    Shade: not much
    Water shoes: nope!
    Amenities: nearby restaurants and rinse stations

    By the way, if you’re looking for perfect beachy vacation spots in the US, check out these 26 best beaches on the Gulf Coast.

    16. Divi Beach (my favorite of all the best beaches in Aruba)

    divi beach aruba
    The stunning Divi Beach, Aruba

    This is the white sand beach that you imagine when you picture the Caribbean in your head. The sand is unbelievably soft throughout the beach and into the water.

    The waves are more mild than many points on the island, making it my absolute favorite spot to enjoy the beach. There’s a sand volleyball court to get a little exercise in, too!

    There’s ample parking nearby. The palapas technically belong to the hotel/timeshares, but they open up when the beach isn’t as busy.

    Divi Beach, Aruba is the perfect beach for swimming and watching the sunset. With nearby restaurants and shade options, you could spend an entire day at this beautiful spot on the island!

    Location: navigate to Divi Beach, Aruba
    Parking: across the street
    Shade: yes, palapas
    Water shoes: absolutely not
    Amenities: bar and restaurants nearby

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      Best beach in Aruba: off the beaten path

      Next we’re going off the grid. The amazing thing about Aruba is the completely undeveloped land it has reserved. Experiencing it is quite the contrast from the hustle and bustle of Palm Beach, Eagle Beach or Baby Beach.

      You’ll need a 4×4 to see the beaches within this section. So whether you’re driving a Jeep or renting a UTV for the day, it’s gonna be a good time!

      17. Druif Beach

      druif beach aruba
      White sand on Druif Beach, Aruba

      One of the largest and most popular beaches on the east side of the island, Druif Beach is one of the first stops if you’re off-roading in Aruba.

      Follow the dirt road past the California Lighthouse and you’ll run into Druif Beach. There’s hefty fines for driving on beaches and sand dunes, so be sure to park in the area just off the sand.

      The beach isn’t suitable for swimming. However it’s fun to watch the waves. Be sure to take part in the stacked rocks along the beach as others have done before – you’ll see lots of them and they’re a pretty cool sight all together.

      Hang out for a bit or continue on with your 4×4 for more spectacular beaches on the uninhabited coast!

      Location: navigate to Druif Beach, Aruba (it’s the first beach southeast of the lighthouse)
      Parking: yes, 4×4 near the beach (don’t drive on the sand)
      Shade: none
      Water shoes: yes
      Amenities: no

      18. Urirama Beach

      urirama beach Aruba
      The rugged coast at Urirama Beach

      This is a unique beach situated in the northeast part of the island. It’s a deserted beach, really only frequented by the nearby horseback riding tour.

      From the beach, you can walk to the nearby cliffs and get a good view of the water and waves. I wore my favorite water shoes to hike the limestone and dip my feet in the water. It’s truly incredible how the ocean has carved this beach out of the tough rocks.

      Like others on this part of the island, it’s only accessible via a 4×4 vehicle or UTV/ATV. Following the dirt roads, if you get to the Alto Vista Chapel, you’ve gone too far!

      By the way, the Alto Vista Chapel is a cool sight in Aruba.

      Location: unavailable – just drive along the coast until you see it! 🙂
      Parking: yes, 4×4 near the beach (don’t drive on the sand)
      Shade: no
      Water shoes: definitely
      Amenities: no

      19. Beach at Ranchero Curason

      hidden beach aruba
      Old beach shack at Ranchero Curason

      Okay, so I looked for signs while I was there and scoured the internet for it’s name, but I don’t think it exists! So I’m calling it the beach at Ranchero Curason.

      It’s a rocky beach only accessible by renting a UTV/ATV or a 4×4. As you’re driving down the coast from the California lighthouse, past the golf courses and the large rocks you’ll find this colorful shack on the beach called Ranchero Curason.

      If you’re driving the trail and get to the Alto Vista Chapel, you’ve gone too far!

      The beach is perfect for a fun stop along the coast. With a bit of shade it’s a great picnic spot. You could even snorkel or dive for lionfish!

      Location: HXMP+RV Noord, Aruba
      Parking: yes, off-road
      Shade: some
      Water shoes: yes
      Amenities: not much

      More ways to discover the backroads of Aruba…

      20. Beach at Rancho Azul

      rancho azul
      View of the beach at Rancho Azul, Aruba

      Another mystery beach! Gotta love how this popular, touristy island still has spots that aren’t on the map! Anyhow, this beach is further down the road from Ranchero Curason.

      It looks like the area was previously used for events, food and restrooms. But as of the time of this publication, it was otherwise deserted of amenities. It’s still an awesome place to enjoy the water and the shade is so nice!

      Bring a travel-friendly cooler and some food and drinks to the Beach at Rancho Azul and you’ll have a great time enjoy the scenery. Bonus – you’ll likely be by yourself!

      Location: unavailable – just drive along the coast until you see it! 🙂
      Parking: yes, 4×4 near the beach (don’t drive on the sand)
      Shade: Palapas and shelter
      Water shoes: yes
      Amenities: no

      21. Boca Pos di Noord Beach

      boca pos di Noord
      Natural beach at Boca Pos di Noord

      Another beachy spot along the northeast side of the island, Boca Pos di Noord is a quiet getaway from the traffic and tourists. And of course, only accessibly with a 4×4 vehicle.

      The beach is wide and the waves are strong, yet it still makes for a relaxing afternoon. Bring your beach chairs, water shoes and reef-safe sunblock to watch the waves.

      Bonus – you’ll likely have the place to yourself!

      Location: unavailable – just drive along the coast until you see the sign (it’s before the Alto Vista Chapel)
      Parking: yes, 4×4 near the beach (don’t drive on the sand)
      Shade: no
      Water shoes: yes
      Amenities: no

      22. Wariruri Beach

      Wariruri cave
      Wariruri Beach Cave

      The biggest draw on Wariruri Beach in Aruba is a cave created by the powerful ocean herself.

      The currents here are really strong, so swimming or wading in the water may be difficult. I really enjoyed watching the strong waves crash in and around the cave. You can watch them from the beach, under the cave or by climbing on top of the cave.

      Wariruri Beach is one of the larger beaches on the east side of the island, and a fun spot to stop if you’re renting a UTV or 4×4 vehicle for the day. You’ll reach this beach after the Alto Vista Chapel and before the gold mine ruins.

      Location: H256+GP Noord, Aruba
      Parking: yes, 4×4 near the beach (don’t drive on the sand)
      Shade: under and near the cave
      Water shoes: yes
      Amenities: no

      23. Andicuri Beach, Aruba

      Andicuri Beach
      View of Andicuri Beach, Aruba

      Near the Natural Bridge in Aruba is a picturesque coastline showcasing Andicuri Beach. It’s a spot popular with the locals. Andicuri Beach is one of the larger beaches on this part of the island with more room to spread out and enjoy the beach.

      It’s beautiful, rocky surroundings makes for a secluded beach day. The bright, white sand and turquoise water is a refreshing welcome from the dusty drive to Andicuri Beach.

      Also be sure to watch for sea turtle nesting areas. Along the eastern coast of Aruba, it’s a common spot to see nesting turtles. The signage along the beaches warn visitors to leave them alone.

      Location: unavailable, navigate to Andicuri Beach or just drive south of the Natural Bridge
      Parking: yes, 4×4 near the beach (don’t drive on the sand)
      Shade: not much
      Water shoes: yes (this part of the island requires water shoes to enter the water)
      Amenities: no

      24. Shark Bay, Aruba

      shark bay aruba
      Love the rugged coastline near Aruba’s Shark Bay Beach

      Just around the corner from Andicuri Beach is Shark Bay Beach. You can hike there from the Natural Bridge or it’s accessible with a 4×4 vehicle or UTV. Shark Bay is the first cove past Natural Bridge.

      The waves are pretty powerful making Shark Bay, Aruba is a good spot to surf or boogie board in the water. On calm days the waves are small enough to enter the water.

      Oh, and I’m not so sure why it’s named Shark Bay as I didn’t find anything online about the sharks, and also didn’t see any warning signs while we were there!

      Location: G2QV+82 Santa Cruz, Aruba
      Parking: yes, 4×4 near the beach (don’t drive on the sand)
      Shade: not much
      Water shoes: yes
      Amenities: no

      Aruba’s famous private island

      The next 2 beaches are perhaps the most memorable of your vacation in Aruba! The private Renaissance Resort Island in Aruba requires a fee or hotel stay, but it just may blow you away!

      25. Flamingo Beach

      Flamingo Beach Aruba
      Flamingos hanging out on Flamingo Beach

      One of the most prized beaches in all of Aruba, the flamingos walk freely and guests can feed them in the water and on the beach.

      Flamingo Beach is only accessible through a boat ride and special access through the Renaissance Resort in Aruba. You’ll need to purchase a day pass or stay overnight at the hotel in order to access the beach.

      Here’s a full guide to Flamingo Beach, Aruba: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

      If you decide to go to Flamingo Beach, it will be one of the most memorable of your whole trip!

      And bonus if you’re traveling as a couple: Flamingo Beach is accessible to kids from 9am – 10am, otherwise it’s an adult-only beach!

      Location: Renaissance Resort Island, Aruba
      Parking: park at the Renaissance Resort
      Shade: plenty of natural shade and palapas
      Water shoes: not necessary
      Amenities: restaurants, beach shacks, restrooms and rinse stations

      26. Iguana Beach, Aruba

      iguana beach
      The beautiful Iguana Beach on Renaissance Resort, Aruba

      Also located on the private island through Renaissance Resort in Aruba, Iguana Beach is the family-friendly beach on the island.

      Families can enjoy the flamingos before relaxing for the day at Iguana Beach. There’s plenty of shade and the hotel has built a wall up out from the shore so the waves are barely noticeable. It’s a great spot for swimming and to spend a relaxing day.

      Location: Renaissance Resort Island, Aruba
      Parking: park at the Renaissance Resort
      Shade: plenty of natural shade and palapas
      Water shoes: not necessary
      Amenities: restaurants, beach shacks, restrooms and rinse stations

      One beach on Aruba to avoid

      We’ve made it to the end of the list! Having been to all 27 beaches, they almost all have pros and cons. The next beach does have good features, however it has 1 big negative. Read on!

      27. Rodgers Beach, Aruba

      Rodgers beach
      The ‘good’ view of Rodgers Beach

      On the south tip of the island, just around the corner from Baby Beach is Rodgers Beach. It’s actually not the best beach in Aruba!

      Despite the beautiful sand, calm waves and the fact that it’s tucked in a remote location, there’s one major reason I wouldn’t recommend to visit: the oil-refinery of San Nicolas. The refinery sits right near the beach and is quite the eye sore!

      Now, if it doesn’t bother you then you’ll likely have the beach mostly to yourself. There’s a fishing pier perfect for hanging out or of course, fishing.

      Location: navigate to Rodgers Beach, Aruba (near San Nicholas)
      Parking: nearby parking lot
      Shade: not much
      Water shoes: not needed
      Amenities: not much

      Best Beach in Aruba – a recap

      Best beach in aruba
      Aruba’s crisp, white sand beaches are truly mesmerizing!

      Whew! There’s the mega list! From Aruba’s best beaches for swimming and snorkeling, sunbathing and kitesurfing, this list has it all.

      Here’s a condensed version of the list, just to recap.

      Best beaches in Aruba for swimming, snorkeling, kitesurfing and more

      1. Eagle Beach
      2. Baby Beach
      3. Arashi Beach
      4. Palm Beach
      5. Dos Playa
      6. Boca Prins
      7. Mangel Halto
      8. Boca Catalina
      9. Malmok
      10. Tres Trapi
      11. Hadicurari Beach
      12. Grapefield Beach
      13. Boca Grandi
      14. Bachelor’s Beach
      15. Manchebo Beach
      16. Divi Beach
      17. Druif Beach
      18. Urirama Beach
      19. Ranchero Curason
      20. Rancho Azul
      21. Boca Pos di Noord
      22. Wariruri Beach
      23. Andicuri Beach
      24. Shark Bay
      25. Flamingo Beach
      26. Iguana Beach
      27. Rodgers Beach

      Well, do you have a favorite? The best beach in Aruba for me might be different for you! And the beautiful thing about a vacation to Aruba is there’s a lot of beautiful beaches to choose from!

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        Aruba's beaches best of the Caribbean

        Sarah Schatz

        Friday 30th of July 2021

        What an informative article! As someone living on island, I found it super detailed and accurate. The only thing I wanted to make note of is the part on rock/stone piling. Environmentalists locally discourage it as it is quite damaging to the ecosystem and the environment and doesn't adhere to "leave no trace" :) I really appreciated all of the rest of the advice! I've been all over, and there are a couple beaches from your list I still need to explore!


        Friday 30th of July 2021

        Thanks so much Sarah for your comment! I'm glad you found the article helpful. And thank you so much for the note about stone piling. It makes sense not to disturb that ecosystem. I hope you have fun exploring the last few beaches. :)


        Sunday 14th of March 2021

        that one tip on Rodger's Beach is so useful! It's always easy to find information on where to go, but few will tell you what to avoid! ❤️


        Sunday 14th of March 2021

        Right?! I had seen some 'top 10' lists that included Rodger's Beach with no mention of the refinery. It's important to share REAL experiences. Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

        Jamie Sharpe

        Saturday 13th of March 2021

        It's so great to learn about these, especially the one to avoid! THanks for posting.


        Sunday 14th of March 2021

        Glad you found it helpful, Jamie!


        Saturday 13th of March 2021

        What an amazing and comprehensive list! Flamingo Beach looks unreal. Added to my bucket list!


        Sunday 14th of March 2021

        Yay!! It's such a fun, unique spot to visit :)

        A Capone Connection

        Saturday 13th of March 2021

        I'm going to Aruba next month. This is REALLY helpful so thank you. I pinned it so I can reference it when I get there! ~Andrea |


        Sunday 14th of March 2021

        Oh awesome! Have the BEST time!!!